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I Believe that Human Life cannot be expressed in a generic manner and each individual has a distinct yet same set of energies working within and around us. Wish to open maximum minds with possibilities rather than doubt.
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Various life experience triggered my inclination towards the spiritual dimension again after moving away from it in search of a better mindset which can be fitted through the realms of religion being taught in the sacred books. The experience started in 2015 when I started my corporate career at an age of 21 in a Managerial Role. However, being naive and wary of several life experiences, I had a major out of body experience (As being concluded by many people but I feel there is more towards it by intuition). Same was led with seeking medical treatment and an understanding which led me back to find the answers in the sacred books which I had long removed from my consideration. However, after the funnel of experiences the texts were the key to all the questions and if they did not answer the questions in entirety, they led to a way.

Being a professional in the finance sector, I am well aware of the realistic aspects like monetization of things and how money plays a crucial role in a person's life during current times being a secondary but important thing. It has been the root cause of endless suffering where the dependency on the financial outcome of a persons work hours to consider that person as a properly abled person is very harsh on the humanitarian need of a human soul.

I understand the need of a person based on Empathy and observation which allows to get a clear and objective solution to a problem which needs a discussion on the monetary as well as spiritual aspect of a person. Further, Being oriented towards the actual texts in the religious literature forms a strong base for practical opinions which can work wonders for a person who is willing to open their heart and mind towards the problem.

I feel that a problem gets an exit route defined as soon as a person is willing to accept that there is something which needs to change. Accepting the status quo or not being conscious about our activities and their thoughts behind them can lead to limited opinion and experiences in a person's life.
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I am a straight forward person when it comes to indulging with solving a person's problem as I can directly reach to the nature of the Mental suffering which may be going on in a person's mind. We cannot perceive what may be lingering on in our subconscious mind and a significant and deep conversation may trigger those aspects. We may not be able to express every feeling or emotion in every person and there personal energies also drive a communication. The Aura of a person has to be open to hear aspects which the words cannot share. Some feelings are so rare and absurd which cannot be started to justify or explained in words yet create an unknown Black Hole within us. I just try to illuminate it and mother nature always helps.
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