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Indigo Spirit NiQue
Indigo Spirit NiQue
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Divinely Activated Heyoka Empath/Psychic
I've guided countless clients across decades through innumerable struggles, trials, and tribulations-- Every avenue of stress, pain, loss and strife have been explored and tackled across time-- I am ever your Champion!!
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About Me

As Aforementioned, My Gifts and Abilities Have Flowed Through Our Familial Bloodline for Countless Generations and My Abilities Were Guided and Nurtured from a Very Early Age…
(Which lead to A LIFETIME of study, education, and more than Twenty years providing guidance and support for countless "Seekers" looking for Psychic/Intuitive Guidance and Support along the way)

I Learned to Astral Project by the Age of Three or Four and Have Been Able to Sense the Spiritual Realm for As Long as I Can Remember…

I Similarly Delved into Spiritual Study and Exploration from Elementary School Onward, Hungrily Devouring All I Could (in Order to Better Understand My Gifts and Abilities)– As Such, I Created a Deep Connection and Understanding of Belief and Spirituality.

I Began to Read Tarot in Junior High, Honing My Craft and Studying Countless Variations and Modalities–

Soon Thereafter Came the Study of Numerology, Astrology, and Lunar Calendars (with the Aid of Familial Expertise and Generation-Long Education/Technique).

In Addition, It Should Be Noted That (As a Nichiren Buddhist) Meditation has Been a Constant in My Life– Ever Deepening My Intuitive Abilities.

As I Aged, I Underwent a Number of Near-Death Experiences (Due to Serious Illnesses (i.e. Cancer, Serious Operations, RSDS, and the Like) that Further Strengthened My Connection to the Other Side, Deepening and Developing My Intuitive Side– Furthering My Journey…

In the Course of My Study (and While Battling for My Life) I Connected with the Local Ojibwe Tribe–

Thereafter, I was Given an Honorary Name/Title Therein and it Was Determined That Among My Spirit-Guides was the Sacred Thunderbird and that I Am Among the Few Heyoka Warriors Left in This Realm– The Process Was Among the Most Profound, Sacred, and Moving in My Young Life!!!

In Addition, As I Began My Educational Journey, I Delved into the World of Forensic Psychology (with an Emphasis on Spiritual Study) and My Understanding Grew!!

I Have Decades of Experience Reading for Family, Friends, and Referrals Thereof (Preferring to Keep My Circle Small, So That I Could Develop a Strong Connection to My Clientele and Create a Longstanding Metaphysical Connection to Both Client and The Guides That Surround Them)– Slowly Growing the List Over Time–

Eventually My Following Became Expansive and I Decided to Offer My Services Publicly!!!

Let Me Provide the Same Unwavering Dedication TO YOU!!!

Services Offered
Energetic Tarot Deck Readings/Tarot/Oracle Guided Psychic Readings (Many Different Spreads or Storyboard Style)–

Automatic Writing Sessions–

Pendulum Readings–

Astrological/Natal Chart Readings, Lunar Calendar Readings–

Numerology Explorations–

Photo Guided Astral Projection/Remote Viewing Sessions (Learn the Inner Workings of an Individual with Provided Photograph)–

Guided Meditational Cleanse–

Guided “Attachment” Cleanse (Directions for at Home Clearing)–

Scry Sessions (Higher Fee Due to Danger Therein)
Breakups/Divorce Career/Work Destiny/Life Path Love/Relationships Infidelity
Skills & Methods
Tarot Remote Viewing Empath Clairaudient Clairvoyant
Advisor Interview
I bring a mix of: Patience, Kindness, EMPATHY, Humor, and LoVe to every reading--
We are old friends you and I!!
I am both your shoulder and your guide-- able to direct you towards destiny, avoiding any pitfalls, and advocating for you along the way.

If you are the light, let me fan your flame!!
About Indigo Spirit NiQue & Love and Relationships Advisors
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