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My goal is to provide you with an extraordinary experience, a Tarot card reading, using my psychic abilities. There will be no hazy references difficult to understand, instead you will hear calm and clearly communicated infor
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My goal is to provide you with an extraordinary experience, a Tarot card reading, using my psychic abilities. There will be no hazy references difficult to understand, instead you will hear calm and clearly communicated information that is unique to you. Since discovering how to interpret Tarot teaching, I have successfully advised clients who learned how to approach difficulties that come up, and achieve a better life.

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Advisor Interview
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How and when did you first find out about your 'psychic abilities'?
I first found out about my psychic abilities back in the 1960's. I remember my telephone ringing, and before I would answer it, I would say to myself..."that must be Joe". Sure enough I was right, and would usually be right every time the phone would ring.

How was it growing up with these special skills?
These were natural talents. For that reason, while growing up, you don't really know what is going on until you see that you are somewhat different from all the other kids. By the time I was majoring in psychology at college, I pretty much knew what was going on.

Do you think anyone can develop psychic skills?
Yes, I do believe one can develop psychic skills. But only if one has something to work with. In other words, one can make their psychic skills stronger, as long as there is something there. Even if it is just foundational, psychic skills can be developed.

What type of mentality do you think it takes to develop these skills?
One would have to have a great deal of concentration power to develop these skills. Not so much intelligence, but more the ability to block out everything else, and just concentrate on what is at hand.

Are you able to turn your psychic abilities 'on' or 'off' when you want to? Do you have any rituals to turn them 'on'.

My psychic abilities are always on. Even when I am at a relaxed pace, or trying to sleep, those abilities are always on. I couldn't turn them off even if I wanted to.

How did you get into giving psychic readings?
I have been doing psychic readings since the 1970s. I got into it very matter-of-factly, as some friends just wanted to ask some questions about themselves, and it just went from there.

What happens during a psychic reading?
During a psychic reading, I try to develop a very strong connection with the person. When I am asked a question, I totally block out everything other than the question and the connection I have. I focus all of my attention on the Tarot cards, and use my abilities to get the answer to the question asked of me.

What is your primary tool for divination? What is your specialty?
My primary tool that I use is clairvoyance, and my specialty is Tarot. I use the two at the same time. Sometimes the clairvoyance is stronger and other times the Tarot is stronger. I have a very deep connection with the Tarot cards.

Can you communicate with spirits who have passed on?
I do not have the ability to communicate with spirits that have passed on.

Is there anything else you'd like to share about your abilities or a good experience?
One of the toughest things I have to do, is give someone a negative answer to their question. I have always been up front about whatever I find out during readings, and I feel most of my clients appreciate the fact that they may get an answer that they do not want to hear.

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