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Medium, Clairvoyant, Dream Interpretation Expert
Renown psychic, Jayzie, reads for clients worldwide, from all walks of life on TV and radio. I come from a lineage of women in my family who carried the gift I have been born with, which makes me fourth generation.
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Renown psychic, Jayzie, reads for clients worldwide, from all walks of life on TV and radio.
I come from a lineage of women in my family who carried the gift I have been born with, which makes me fourth generation. My clairvoyance is strong . I have over thirty years experience working in the metaphysical world. With just your name and date of birth, hearing your voice vibration I immediately know what's going on right now. The less you say the stronger your reading. My expertise is love, career, finance or any questions you may have, giving you the answers and clarity you need to help change your life.
I have read for thousands of people on CBS New Sky radio. Now I'm here to take your calls. My God given ability works many miracles giving you the answers you are seeking.

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Advisor Interview
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How and when did you first find out about your 'psychic abilities'? . At the age of 7 years old, I have vivid memory of my abilities.

How was it growing up with these special skills. Are they natural talents or did you study and develop them?

I am the 4th generation, of Russian descent, to have psychic ability. It came naturally to me.

Do you think anyone can develop psychic skills?

I think that psychic skills can be developed, but it is difficult. It takes a lot of meditation and dedication.

What type of mentality do you think it takes to develop these skills?
It takes an open mind and a willingness to use your sixth sense.

Are you able to turn your psychic abilities 'on' or 'off' when you want to? Do you have any rituals to turn them 'on'.

Yes, I am able to turn my psychic abilities "on" or "off." I do not use ritual for this purpose.

How did you get into doing psychic readings?
I had many visions and doing readings was a natural extension. It is part of my being.

What happens during a psychic reading?
I tune in to energy and voice vibrations. The reading flows.

What is your primary tool for divination? What is your specialty?
Clairvoyance and tea leaves.

Can you communicate with spirits who have passed on?


Is there anything else you'd like to share about your abilities or a good experience?
There is so much to share on the subject that I am writing a book which will explain it all.

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