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Lady Liila
Lady Liila
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Intuitive Psychic Specializing in Love/Life!
I've been specializing in relationship and general life readings for over 30 years. I read in a completely unbiased, supportive, loving manner. I'm here to help you, and will speak what I truly see.
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About Me
My grandmother had the gift in our family, being descended from Norwegian shamanic practitioners. She taught me, young, to not be afraid of things I just "know", or sudden flashes of insight that demand to be shared with others in the proximity. I got my first tarot deck, (the Rider Waite, of course, for those who know their decks!), when I was 13 and have been reading ever since, seriously for others for over 30 years. I also use my grandmother's runes, pendulums, IChing, various other oracles which I surround myself with and pull, randomly, during my readings for a little extra insight.
Love/Relationships Money/Prosperity Breakups/Divorce Destiny/Life Path Family/Friends
Skills & Methods
Tarot Runes Clairsentient I-Ching Pendulum
Advisor Interview
I start my readings with brief "words of power" which affirm that we are perfect microcosms of absolute truth, clarity, order, and mutual good. I usually pull an oracle card first to slice through the issue which is asking to be addressed in the reading, then I throw a tarot spread and let 'er rip! The number one reading subject I'm asked about is...*Love* and relationship issues. It's amazing how the cards show exactly what's going on, what needs to be addressed, what areas need help. Now, I must state that I'm not one to sugarcoat anything, but I'm loving and supportive in my delivery. I believe in being respectful of my clients, their time and money and I'm not here to blow smoke up anybody, or paint false narratives just to tell people what they want to hear.

It's a privilege, being able to help other people and help them to find clarity and that *A-ha!* moment that always lets me know that they're hearing me, acknowledging what I'm seeing, forming an opinion of what they've just been told as it clicks into place. For me there's nothing more satisfying than supporting another human who's seeking answers and positive change in their lives.
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