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helping people get through the difficult times, especially right now is my goal. Hopefully I can help you.
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Since I was a child I always has a knack for knowing things. The doctor told my aunt she was never going to have children and I told her no, you're going to have a baby, she's already in your belly. Turned out I was right and she ended up having two more girls!
Dreams would come to me, premonitions throughout my life. Good and bad.. I've seen my angels in dreams.
I've seen a lot through dreams. Dreams can be tricky. They can mean not a thing to you right now, but later on, soon you'll understand... maybe you need help to figure it out.
I've seen loved one's spirits, in real time, I've seen earth bound ghosts and yes their is a difference!
Communication is essential for me. It always has been. I'm pretty good with tarot if you'd like tarot read. Reading has been a strong suit of mine, along with astrology so pairing it together I've learned a lot about myself and it almost became a psychology to me. You come into this world with the stars already aligned for you.. it couldn't be more beautiful than that.. Sit down, have a cup of tea and let's have a chat, and see where we end up...everyone needs someone to talk to.
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Skills & Methods
Medium Dream Exploration Astrology - Western Tarot Empath
Advisor Interview
My senses are pretty direct, I'm open, honest and reliable. I'll answer questions open and to the best of my abilities. My tarot abilities are strong. I do them different then most readers do, but it works for me and I am generally right and goes deeper into the root of what the person wanted to know.
I am into spirituality. I've seen spirits, ghosts, demons, angels and other un-worldly things and believe their are different dimensions. I do have a sense of telepathy in some cases.
I may say something negative you don't want to hear, but if it comes up in say tarot cards, it doesn't mean that it's necessarily negative. Things come to me as I'm reading the cards and I'll ask questions. Always look to positive.
I love astrology. To me its a psychology and I can't repeat that enough. Always get your chart read and know your moon sign. That's your true self.

Love is always the answer. Be strong, be brave. Be yourself because sometimes all you have is you!
Self worth is what I'm aiming for you to have by the end of the conversation. If I've achieved anything, I hope I have achieved this.
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