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Madame Rosa Fortune Teller
Madame Rosa Fortune Teller
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Gain Clarity & Guidance from the Book of Destiny
Understand the Soul Connections & Dynamics between You and the Ones You Love. Twin Flames, Karmic & Soulmate Connections. Gain Clarity regarding Family, Love, Career, Travel, Moves, Timelines, & More! 5-Star Psychic.
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"Let my soul smile through my heart and my heart smile through my eyes, that I may scatter rich smiles in sad hearts." --Paramahansa Yogananda

I have over 40 years of Ongoing Study and Application in the Esoteric Sciences: Numerology, The I Ching, Western & Chinese Astrology, Tarot & Ancient Tarot in this Lifetime Alone! I was Paramahansa Yogananda in my most recent past life and I do sense others' past lives quite often, mostly as regards relationships with your loved ones. I began studying the "Fabled" Book of Destiny over 10 years ago, and I have become a 5 Star Interpreter thereof, helping people gain clarity and guidance in all areas of their lives! For this oracle, birthdays of all parties are required & years of birth are most helpful. Other forms of divination are used as well, such as the Dowsing Pendulum & Cartomancy. I will pray with you and/or teach simple Healing Decrees, which empower you to empower others you love. Knowledge is power and with my readings, you will gain much understanding and clarity to empower you. Often, I only validate your already excellent intuition, which we all need from time to time. Let Madame Rosa Fortune Teller be that sounding board for you! Allow the magic of the Atlantean Oracle (the Book of Destiny) to unfold for you and yours, giving you the confidence and the inner peace that you seek.
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Advisor Interview
I am compassionate, non-judgemental, openminded and can even make readings fun. I am direct, to the point, and empowering. Many have even said I am inspirational. I am very compassionate, however, I do not candy-coat because I know you can handle the truth & that you count on me for honest clarity. I want you to feel transformed and changed in a positive way by your reading, releasing the worry and anxiety over concerns that you may bring to me. I want you to feel you have taken a weight off and have you go feeling lighter and more clear. This is what many tell me is the result of a thorough reading with me. My reading will give you the knowledge needed to give you the confidence and freedom to make educated decisions in all areas of your life. My speciality is in Love and Relationships of all kinds. Bring birthdays of all parties where you can & be prepared to focus on your third-eye with me for some of the answers you seek.
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