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Master Psychic Diore
Master Psychic Diore
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Advanced Psychic Readings, Energy Clearings & more
Advanced readings-ALL topics! Adv energy clearings; BA-Psychology; Guide on how to use ur intuitive gifts; Space clearings & more! No tools or DOB needed. See profile for more details. Blessings, Diore
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About Me
"Let your Hopes, not you hurts shape your future." 
-R. Schuller
*Call me as often as u need to.  Never feel u have to wait a day bc u just spoke to me. I'm here for u as often as needed!
Sending love & deepest gratitude to all of u reading this! 
I'm a master psychic & an advanced energy clearing practitioner, w/ a BA in psychology. I'm also a natural born clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, claircognizant, a sensitive, an empath, remote viewer & I can see past lives.  I'm also a medium, but I don't promote this gift bc ul need to add extra credit, as often the spirits that show up have a lot to say, so it will take some time.  
I also do remote energy space clearings. So call me if u think there's a negative entity lurking wherever u are, or simply want to clear out any stale energy to refresh ur space.  One story that really stays in my memory was, a client of mine(not on this line), her husband said "we really need to call someone", as for 11 mths an entity tormented their family. The last straw was when their son was pushed down the stairs when no one was up there with him. She called me & I did a remote clearing of their entire house inside & out. I told her to wait at least a week before writing a testimonial. Well, it was like a switch went off. The entity left & never returned. I only say, please don't wait as long to call, as we can remedy the situation quickly.
-Although I'm 0% religious, I have a profoundly deep connection w/ God who gives me answers to any question immed. We speak daily even when not doing readings.  So due to our connection, this means I absolutely don't need further confirmation using tools or ur birthdate.  
-You can call about any topic, as my accuracy I'm told extends to ANY category..please see feedback..  

-A big tip to receive ur best reading: Before u call, take a nice slow sacred breath to help relax ur energy a bit. In addition, only call when ur most open to hearing anything. Meaning, come to the session without expecting to hear what the last few psychics told u. If u do, u can potentially set yourself up for frustration & let down, bc I can't guarantee God will always tell u what u want to hear. It's very rare, but a couple people took their anger out on me verbally as well as thru feedback section, bc my msgs didn't match the other psychics.  I can't & won't tolerate disrespect & sadly had to block them.  In this business we must keep our energy clean & clear to be able to best serve our clients.  So if u keep an open mind & relax ur energy before calling, u will hang up feeling more at peace.  See feedback to see all the beautiful experiences. You too can have the same...just breathe & receive.  

....And finally, my readings & energy clearings do not replace, but instead complement therapy or any other treatment.  So it's ok to call me during ur treatment.  

....To conclude, what I can say for sure, is during ur reading w/ me, trust u will receive what u need to hear & know God will help u feel at peace about it. 
Also feel free to call as often you need. I love my job & I'm here for you always!💕
Avail: 11am-7pm eastern time, daily w/ breaks here & there. Addt'l hrs if time permits.😊
**Disclaimer: Schedules posted are based on advisor's availability & are subject to chg w/ or w/o prior notice.. 👼~I look forward to hearing from you! Call me anytime at ext. 7070. Infinite blessings! Diore💖
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Advisor Interview

Ever wanted to meet your favorite advisor? Get to know her or him a bit better? From time to time we will bring you interviews with Psychic Center advisors. Here is where you can read how they found out what special gifts they have, how they developed their skills, and why we think they are so good at guiding us on our life path. If this interview inspires you, just give them a call.

1. How and when did you first find out about your psychic abilities?
--When I was 4 yrs old I had a knowing about things that shocked my parents.  As time went on I also noticed I knew what people were going to say before they said it..and also those on t.v.  It was sort of like a game for me. I knew nothing about the word psychic. I just knew it was fun what I was able to do. There's other gifts I noticed as well as I grew up.

2. How was it growing up with these special skills? Are they natural talents or did you study and develop them?
--I was never afraid of my gifts which I was naturally born with.  And I never studied anything when I was younger.  But as I got older, it became evident that all my family members were psychic, as well as extended family members. My older and only sister introduced me to spiritually-based books. Once that happened, the flood gates opened where I realized that I could read people's minds, and knew all these things about them. I've counseled people since I was 15 yrs old.  But later on, I knew it was a Higher power giving me the answers for anyone who came to me.  My career in the corporate world had me utilizing my Psychology degree. But again, throughout the years, I always knew it was something Higher guiding me, especially in certain jobs where I trained people to take in violent at-risk kids into their homes. My gifts often helped me to resolve issues quickly before anyone could get harmed. So I continued to embrace and welcome my gifts and the Higher Powers that continued to guide me, as well as save me from near death experiences.  Although I was born with these gifts, God continued to place before me, people, books, situations, etc., to help me quickly obtain knowledge about the spirit realm and all it encompasses.

3. Do you think anyone can develop psychic skills? 
-- The level of development depends on where people are energetically. However, I believe all people are born with intuition.  

4. What type of mentality do you think it takes to develop these skills?
--The intuition is already there when we're born.  To be able to tune into our "Higher" intuition, I feel it takes a very open mind, confidence, no fear, and making the actual choice to want to tune into one's heightened intuition. What also helps is clean living. Anything that helps us vibrate at a higher frequency greatly enhances our ability to tune into as well as use our Higher intuition to help ourselves as well as others.  Call me if you'd like more information on this, as I also mentor people.

5. Are you able to turn your psychic abilities 'on' or 'off' when you want to? Do you have any rituals to turn them 'on'?
--I feel the same way we wake up without having to turn on a switch to make our heart start beating, is the same deal about our intuition. It's on and ready to go.  As I ascended higher spiritually, I've learned to keep the door open, so to say, as it's a great thing to have a divine connection 24/7.  If Spirit wants to tell me something or vice versa, we will have a dialogue.  When neither has nothing to say, then it's similar to two people sitting in a room each reading a book.  Yet, we know each other is there should we need to say something.  It's a great thing and I'm very grateful.

6. How did you get into doing psychic readings?
--This is a long story. But story short, Spirit decided I was to be done working in the corporate world and was to use my counseling expertise however by retrieving answers from Spirit and not my psychology books. Spirit made this very clear at my last corporate job, where I'd be going over long reports with owners of companies, and messages would flood my mind for the person I was sitting with.  Knowing this was not going to end, I left the corporate world and in 2010, I started doing readings on a psychic line..which 4 mths later on 1/11/11, I joined psychic center and have been with them since. I also  do energy clearings which is the same thing as energy healings. I do both privately as well.  I also had a successful spiritual advice column for years in our newspaper.  I also know I've done psychic & healing work in a bunch of my past lives. So this is why this work comes so naturally to me. I've done it enough lifetimes and absolutely love it.

7. What happens during a psychic reading?
--I ask Spirit who is already with me as I mentioned above, to provide me with answers to help each person that's about to call me.  When I receive a call, my client will ask me questions. And Spirit simply gives me the answers.  Same thing for energy clearings. It's always a team effort with Spirit & I, where we work together for the well-being of my client to ensure all their needs will be met in the length of time of the call. When needed, steps to take are also provided during the call.

8. What is your primary tool for divination? What is your specialty?
--My profound deep connection with Spirit who is with me 24/7.  Answers come to me much too quickly so I don't need tools.. But I have an old deck of oracle cards which I could take out of my drawer if anyone wanted a card drawn. But it's very rare anyone asks.

9. Can you communicate with spirits who have passed on?  Yes.

10. Is there anything else you'd like to share about your abilities or a good experience?
-I cannot express enough the level of joy it brings me knowing my clients have more clarity, inner peace & confidence about their situation & themselves after each call.  Each session helps to peel another layer bringing my clients to a higher state of consciousness.  I am so beyond grateful for all my clients.  I wish I was pulled out of the corporate world much sooner, as doing spiritual work has been the best job I've ever had.  Much love to all! 💖
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