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Olodum Meyi Okunti Ibu Yumu
Olodum Meyi Okunti Ibu Yumu
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Initiated Santero/Curandero
Santero/Curandero with over 25 year’s experience, I specialize in Love, Money, and Success. I also offer past life readings, dream interpretations, and speaking to loved ones who have passed beyond.
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About Me
At a young age I was gifted with the ability to speak to those who passed beyond. I was quickly taken in by a Curandera who trained me in healing a divination. After many years under her tutelage I was presented to a local Santeria community that saw my gifts and helped me learn how to work with the Orisha. I have been working with Tarot, Chamalongo, Obi, flame, and Cigar/Smoke divination for well over 25 years, as well as practicing spell crafting for clients in need of assistance in everything from love to spiritual protection.

Want to return your long lost love to your life? Need help finding them? Want to get a new job or promotion? Need help stopping others from wishing you negativity? I can help! A reading with me will provide you not only with the knowledge you need to help you in your every day life but also with the tools to make your dreams become reality!
Career/Work Infidelity Money/Prosperity Love/Relationships Breakups/Divorce
Skills & Methods
Tarot Dream Exploration Medium Clairaudient Clairvoyant
English Spanish
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Speaking to a psychic is a spiritual undertaking in and of itself. When you come to me for help it is my duty to be open, honest, and direct with what I see. As an initiated Santero I answer to a higher power that does not allow me to mislead you. My mission during a reading is to give you the tools you need to help you achieve the goals you have in your life.
About Olodum Meyi Okunti Ibu Yumu & Love and Relationships Advisors
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