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Psychic Medium Pamela Rivette
Psychic Medium Pamela Rivette
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Pamela is an Indigo Child who has had abilities her entire life. Her heritage is Cherokee, Navajo, Irish, and German. Her zodiac is Pisces the number one sign known to be blessed with strong psychic abilities. Her local CBS recognizes Pamela as a top 5 Psychic Medium in her area since 2012. Her number one goal is guiding you to a better way of life, finding the answers you seek, & to help you in finding unconditional love & happiness in Love, Career, Finances, yourself & the world around you. Her God-given medium attributes are great for communicating with your spirit guides, guardians, & our lord's angels, including but not limited too, Archangel Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, & Anael. Helping you find your answers in Love, career, finances, & health. Showing you your best course of action in all life situations. Pamela is known internationally as a top 5 -star psychic medium, master tarot reader, spiritualist, Intuitive, Sensitive, Indigo, Paranormal Investigator, ordained minister & life coach.

Go on a journey into the psychic realm like you have never experienced before! Pamela tells it like it is no ifs and or buts about it with detail, accuracy and no sugar coating.

Explanation of Time Frames: Let us say Pamela sees a dark 26 for a time frame. This means a later 2,6 so like two months six days or on the 26th day of a given month. The longest would be February 6th. If it is dark or light red, then that would be an earlier time such as 26 days or 2 days at 6 pm, 2 hours 6 mins — the numbers Pamela sees come into play up to 98.9% of the time.

Pamela does not claim to be 100% accurate; nor to read all people equally. Readings comprise a group of impressions that are most likely at the time. You always have choices and are free to make those choices, which can affect anything Pamela sees today. Remember: your future remains yours to decide.

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Advisor Interview
I would like to start off with these facts which I believe are a part of why I am who I have become:

1. My zodiac sign is a Pisces which is known to be the strongest most likely zodiac sign for someone with strong paranormal/ psychic abilities.

2. I was born in 1966, which is one of the years for the first wave of Indigo children, (Indigo children, according to a pseudoscientific New Age concept, are children who are believed to possess special, unusual, and sometimes supernatural traits or abilities.).

3. When I was 18 months old I nearly died due to an allergic reaction to penicillin, when my heart stopped.

4. When I was 2 years old I stopped breathing due to a gammal seizure

As soon as I started talking my mother noticed I was speaking about family members who had passed away including names and details about their lives I had no way of knowing. When I turned 6 years old, my mother placed me on her lap with a family photo album. Without her saying a single word to me as I flipped through the pages of the photo album. I started pointing at specific pictures saying the names of who they were and some of the things they had said to me. It was at that moment my mother realized I was a special child.

My mother had just started studying the Wicca religion. As I grew up from childhood thru my preteen years my mother trained me to read a regular deck of playing cards (Which is called Cartomancy) and in the Wicca ways. Whenever I lived with my grandparents though they made sure I tried out different Christian-based churches.

When I reached 11 years of age my abilities had grown to where I was having accurate premonitions, seeing other people and other living things auras. I had also developed the ability to move light things like Kleenex and cellophane wrappers of off cigarette packs across the room without touching them.

Then when I was 12 years old almost 13, my mother had moved my sister and I both to Wichita Kansas. Where we lived in a basement duplex with her newest boyfriend. One night the two of them had gotten into a horrible physical fight where he had thrown her through the front door of our basement apartment. So it wasn’t even on its hinges anymore on the night that I had a horrible feeling of danger to come.

It was around midnight that horrible night that I had a feeling of impending danger. My mother was at work as a bartender close by. When she came home around 2:30 am I immediately tried to tell her we were all in danger and had to leave. Of course, she was drunk and would not listen to me. She made her steak, ate, and went to bed.

We had no phone, no way of getting any help in my mind. I kept looking for a safe place inside the basement apartment for myself and my 2-year-old sister. Finally, I found a corner in my mother’s room where I thought my little sister would be the safest. I knew though I couldn’t stay there with her or she would be in more danger. So I laid there with her until she fell asleep. Then I crawled into bed with my mother eventually falling asleep.

Next thing I knew I was being woke up by being pulled towards the edge of the bed by two women (my mother’s boyfriend's sister and his sister-in-law). They proceeded to hit at me trying to get information out of me of the whereabouts of the daughter of the one who had run away from her abusive mother. While they were trying to beat information out of me that I had no clue about, I looked down and saw my mother’s boyfriend's brother and his oldest son beating and slicing up my mother’s face with a broken wine glass.

After what seemed like forever they gave up the assault on me and my mother. The men forced my mother up to go to the bathroom and made her wash her own blood off of their hands. The two women who had been beating on me were standing now at the foot of the bed talking. I could see my little sister over in the corner with eyes as big as a dinner plate quietly sobbing watching in horror. I wanted to go to her but I had to keep their attention off of her.

The men brought our mother back into the bedroom knocking her again to the floor at the foot of her bed. They started warning her to not call the cops. The one female whose daughter had run away then focused on my little sister crying in the corner and picked her up placing her in front of my mother. Then she said well maybe we ought to take this little one with us so if you do call the cops we can send her back to you in little pieces in a box. Then the man in charge of the attack sternly said, “No we don’t need more trouble if she does call them which you won’t right?” he said while glaring at my mother.

At that point, the woman holding my sister roughly put her back down in the corner and they all left. There is more to this night that I am not going to get into for time’s sake. This night though was a turning point for me. The synopsis is that night scared me away for a while from my spiritual path. In a 12 almost 13-year old’s mind, I felt like since I knew something horrible was going to happen and I couldn’t stop it that my abilities were at fault and it all was my fault. Much later in life, I realized my abilities are what had kept my sister alive and it was our mother’s fault that she didn’t listen to me.

Periodically, from that point, until I turned 18 I would still study by reading spiritual books and messing with the regular playing cards doing readings for friends. Then I got married and mainly studied the Holy Bible for the next 9 years.

After my separation from my first husband soon to be divorced, I met a man in the pagan religion who soon became not only a close friend but a mentor of mine. The very first day we met he proceeded to tell me all about myself including the horrifying occurrence that scared me away from my true spiritual path. Then he said I was meant for greatness in helping others to find their true selves and happiness in their lives by guiding them.

He began training me in mastering the tarot cards which I picked up on very quickly. He also taught me how the cards are only a tool and the truth of any given situation is actually inside of me and to trust my instincts which would strengthen my own abilities, which are like muscles. The more you work with them the stronger they will get. This top 5-star psychic medium has 47 yrs exp in the psychic medium paranormal realm & has up to a 98.9 % accuracy rate in timing and details. So call now!

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