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Psychic SoulFlava
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Love and Relationships - 3rd Generation Psychic
Psychic SoulFlava is a 3rd generation clairvoyant and an empath by birth who offers in-depth honest readings for love and relationships, career, family, and explores your soul's purpose!
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About Me
I have been given the gift of being clairvoyant and an empath by birth. I am a 3rd generation psychic and energy healer in my family. I began exploring my gifts in-depth over 20 years ago and have dedicated my life to helping many of my clients find clarity in their past, present, and future situations regarding Love and Relationships, Career, Family, Spirituality and Faith, Physical/Spiritual well-being, and one’s Life Purpose. I also specialize in Distant Energy Healing, Dream Analysis, and Aura readings as well. Most of my readings are based upon speaking with Spirit Guides and Angel Guides and I am able to explore in-depth into your soul’s purpose. The tools which I use are the Tarot, Angel Cards, Pendulum, and read Astrology. I know that the spiritual and psychic insight will provide you direction past any of your soul’s blocks to happiness and prosperity once your why and how this insight is in your destiny. I am very accurate and will guide you in the right direction with compassion so that you feel that your situation has a concrete solution for your present and future. I am very honest and do not sugar coat anything that relates to my clients’ lives.
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Advisor Interview
Hi, my name is Psychic SoulFlava. I am a gifted psychic spiritualist clairvoyant and an empath by birth with over 20 years of experience. I provide guidance based upon my psychic awareness. It is my soul’s work to assist you in getting your life’s answers and guidance that you are awaiting. I am blunt and direct, however very compassionate and caring. I will provide you with the answers that you are so eagerly seeking quickly and honestly. I have been providing psychic readings along with tarot and angel cards for many years and have been able to help many of my clients with great success! I began receiving messages through visions, symbols, and words at a very young age. I have a clear line of communication with God/Goddess and have lived my life in alignment with the messages which I receive from the divine energy. I have experience with energy healing and dream analysis as well. Through my own experiences of the dark night of the soul, I read from a place of personal compassion and psychic prophecy without any judgement and will guide you in finding the Divine message in each of the energetic obstacles or upsets you are going through. My messages are received through the Spirit Guides, Angel Guides, and Ascended Masters. My experience have increased and strengthened through various trainings and certifications in mastering the tarot, angel cards, and the pendulum. I welcome all questions and concerns: past, present, and future. If you are at a crossroad in your life and desire clarity on what your life’s purpose is then you can contact me. I will provide you with the solution of finding joy and inner peace for yourself and with others. You can contact me via phone or chat. God bless.
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