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Rose Master Psychic
Rose Master Psychic
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Let the truth set u free. ~Compassion; Clarity; Truth!~I am a Master Psychic who thru Spirit, I receive clear honest answers that can help you right now.
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Welcome! Grab a nice beverage & stay awhile!🙋‍♀️
I'm a 3rd generation Master Psychic, and an Advanced Energy Healer, with a BA in Psychology. I'm also a natural born clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, claircognizant, a sensitive, an empath, remote viewer and I can see past lives & spirits.

--I also do remote energy space clearings..and known to remedy the situation very quickly.

--I'm also known as a psychic's psychic as many of my fellow advisors & healers, as well as my psychic clients call me from all over the world. Yes, we too deserve some pampering!😊

Advanced Readings:
--Although I'm 0% religious, I have a profoundly deep connection w/ God who gives me answers to any question immed. We speak daily even when not doing readings.  I don't need further confirmation using tools or ur DOB. Tools are def fun, but not all natural born psychics need them.

--You can call about most topics, as my accuracy I'm told is extensive..see feedback.

--A big tip to receive your best reading is: Before u call, take a nice sacred breath to relax ur energy. In addition, only call when ur most open to hearing anything. The messages I receive will always be the truth, which may not always be what u last heard from others, or what u thought was the truth.  But in my readings, for absolute sure, you'll hear what is needed to make the best solid decisions to lead u towards the joy and peace u truly desire..and deserve.

 --I'm very allergic to rudeness & disrespect & if there's any of that during call (or in feedback area), the call will be terminated & I'll def block you. As u probably already know, in this business we must always keep our energy clean & vibration high to be able to best serve you.  So please be sure to consider the above helpful tips.

Ancestral Energy Clearings:
--I am also an Advanced Energy Healer.  My clearings are based on the model of forgiveness with the intention of peace. The results are profound as well as life changing. I can't make any claims, however, my clients have claimed to feel relief physically & emotionally. I can do clearing during session or after we hang up as I don't have to be on phone.  Either way, results are just as powerful. Be sure to ask for an energy clearing anytime!

--See feedback to read the positive experiences, which I am grateful they were so kind to take the time to write them. You also can have the same positive experience as this is my goal for u & the reason I do this work.

Cost of reading:
Since we set our own prices, I decided to always keep my fee *under* $5 a min, so anyone at any income level can have an advanced reading w/ me.

Therapy, etc.:
--And finally, my readings & energy clearings do not replace, but instead complement psychological counseling & any other treatment.  So it's ok to call me any time during ur treatment.
---To conclude, what I can say for sure, is during your session with me, you'll receive exactly what is needed, and afterwards, you'll be able to feel lighter and more at peace.

~I look forward to your call, and serving as your professional psychic advisor.
Infinite blessings,
"Gratefully serving clients worldwide"🌏

12p-7p est, sat-thurs, off fridays.
*All times are in Eastern Standard Time (United States)
*Additional hours as time permits.
*Disclaimer: Schedules posted are based on advisor's availability and are subject to change, with or without prior notice.
*Calls are strictly confidential, and are never recorded. Although I welcome you to record your session or take lots of notes.😊
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Advisor Interview
I started at Psychic Center, no joke, on 1/11/11! Now that's a sign if I ever saw one lol. I've gained thousands of amazing clients who have been with me for many years. They have been so loyal & there are no words to fully describe how grateful I am.
Below are reviews from some of my regular clients, then my addt'l notes. If you're new reading this, welcome! And I hope to serve as your personal advisor for years to come as well!
~~~>R e v i e w s:
User344015  Always unerringly accurate. And always kind, compassionate and funny. Tells you the truth and provides excellent insight into a situation and people. She is unique! Love her!

User165187  Always accurate with details. Thank you so much

She truly is a master psychic and I am so greatful that she is as accurate and as clear as she is!!!!!!

 User219213  Such a great conversation. She was right on target and certainly lifted my spirits.

User861169  Highly recommend calling. Open to look at whatever you want, hears what you're saying and talks you through it. Great sense of humor too and a sweetheart. You will very much enjoy your reading with her!

User456322  smart lady, great vision, Real deal. Thanks

User035867  Amazing...very caring person. Very insightful.

User324582  A whole new other level of reading and guidance! I am so glad I called her. This was my very first reading with her. All I can say is that I am beyond pleased. Her reading was on point and her words of wisdom and guidance were priceless! She’s been a great help! I will definitely reach out again. Thank you!

User344015  Always outstanding. Always honest, accurate and yet uplifting. Very insightful and spiritual.

User456322  This woman and me just connect and she is so positive but yet honest. She is not on here to bilk money or feed fake narratives. She is the real deal, and wonderful to talk to and listen to. thank you

User664666  I love her. I've talked to psychics before but I trust in my heart with whatever she tells me. I would trust her with a blind eye. She told me about a specific person coming in my life before I met him. And I met him on that very same day. She is great and she is very compassionate and helps me through all of my questions, no matter how many times I ask the same thing.
(*Please see feedback section for many more reviews.)
~*~ In addition to Psychic Center:
I've done many readings and energy clearings at our local metaphysical store. I'm also a former Advice Columnist, where I had my own spiritually-based column in our local newspaper for many years. This was an item I was able to cross off my bucket list.
Besides current writing projects, when I'm not logged on here, I also enjoy doing private psychic readings & energy clearings. Break time mostly has me on our beach replenishing my energy by going in the water, as well as grounding on the white powder sand. It raises my vibration, which greatly helps me to best help you!
~Take a moment for yourself and call me at ext. 7070. ~Don't delay your peace until tomorrow when a reading can help bring you peace today!
Rose🌹Master Psychic
~Gratefully serving clients worldwide~🌏
About Rose Master Psychic & Love and Relationships Advisors
Rose Master Psychic has been a PsychicCenter guide since 2011. By receiving intuitive guidance in the Love & Relationships category, Rose Master Psychic has helped clients find peace and tranquility within PsychicCenter's completely secure and confidential platform.
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