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I am a clairvoyant, clarisentient, and I experience clairaudience. I am an empath who can feel illnesses. I have a unique gift for dream analysis,. I can see and feel people's true intentions and spot secrets,
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Since early childhood, my immediate family have experienced me telling them stories of “pictures” I see and relaying information from people I have never met. As I got older, I realized the “pictures” were visions. I soon put together that the visions were accompanied by feelings and sounds that were not for myself but that they were information meant to be relayed to others. As a teenager, I began to give readings to my friends and experiment using oracles. I found that I preferred not to use any tools for my readings so that I could focus solely on the information that was coming through. I would describe my reading style as straightforward when describing the visions that I see, the feelings I feel and/or the voices I hear. I am always considerate of the client’s feelings but not at the expense of telling any truths that are clearly being shown to me. As a rule, if a vision or feeling is vague to me then I leave the interpretation to the client. I always encourage the client to take notes during the reading because what may not be clear at that moment may become clear at a different time.
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Clairaudient Clairvoyant Empath Dream Exploration Clairsentient
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When you read with me I will begin to tell you the things that are coming to me exactly the way I see them and feel them. In respect of time, it is best you tell me what area of your life to look at. I do not believe in asking my client's question's, As I tell you what I see and it is best that you take notes because what seem to not fit at the moment will soon be relevant. I look forward to hearing your voice soon. The Higher Power has wisdom for you. God Bless.
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