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Soul Healer Kimberly
Bring your Dreams into Reality, Create your Future
Delve deep into what is truly meant for you, and the exact steps to achieve true happiness and satisfaction, get that promotion, or connect with your soul mate, friends family and destiny.
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About Me
CLAIRCOGNIZANCE – "clear knowing"
CLAIRSENTIENCE – "clear feeling"
CLAIRVOYANCE – " clear seeing"
CLAIRAUDIENCE -"clear hearing"
mastering these "four Clair's" means that I am able to See, Feel, Hear and Know the past present and future. I aim to now only tell you the future as it is on your current path, but to help you better understand what is the difference between what you want, need and what is best for you, so you may CREATE your beautiful future and achieve your destiny.

Hello Beautiful Souls! My name is Kimberly, and I specialize in path creation, past lives, soul destiny and life goal, chakra and energy healing, and problem solution.

My Soul Destiny is to bring Spiritual Balance, Soul Connection & Awareness of the Spiritual and Cosmic Impact both good and bad could have.
A reading with me is a different experience then most, I am very honest and blunt, but also very compassionate and nonjudgmental, motivational and advisory. Please be open-minded and ready to start putting into place Actions in your daily life that will increase actual solution within all life's area's, including but not limited to, love and relationships, friends and family, career and education, finance and investment, religion and spirituality, energy aura and chakra healing.

Let me ask you this question “are you happy?” sometimes that is difficult to answer positively. Most people immediately answer that they are not unhappy, but of course, that is not the same thing. Searching for happiness is a modern-day phenomenon and it appears the more people search the less likely they are to find it. A belief abounds especially with the young, that money, fame, or celebrity lifestyle is the answer. This may be instantly disproved by the simple fact that numerous people who attain all this still crave happiness. Research, however, has proved that those with a spiritual belief are not only happier but actually enjoy better health and live longer.

People have asked me, "how did you discover your gift" I have always had my gift, for as long as I can remember. I thought it was completely normal, like breathing until just before my pre-teens, and discovering that it was not, only made me more determined to further develop my spiritual abilities. I started out as a young child by blurting out any premonition, vision and prediction to all passersby about their lives when they came true you can imagine their shock, and wonderment at me, I then studied palmistry, tarot card readings, and actual psychic reading’s, I then went through multiple sessions of past life regression, and discovered that within each and every life this is what I have been doing and this is my Soul Goal. I am now able to tap into the wisdom, of all those lives to help guide and advise those around me.

We are all Spiritual Beings in a Human world.

Breakups/Divorce Love/Relationships Past Lives Spirit Guides Family/Friends
Skills & Methods
Chakra Cleansing Clairaudient Clairvoyant Clairsentient Tarot
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Using my Psychic Abilities, Expert Tarot Knowledge, Certified Life Coaching and Expert Energy / Chakra Healing, I will guide you towards problem solution, path creation and achieving your true destiny and satisfaction, I will not only tell you the future as it is on current path, but I will help you better understand what is the difference between what you want, need and what is best for you so you may achieve all three. I will step by step guide you towards what is best for you, and teach you how to heal yourself and others.

Within this life I have repaired broken marriages, even when the people I was helping was hopeless, I give answers to questions left unasked, have helped people go on after losing a loved one, have helped lost soul’s stuck in limbo see the light, given the right advice on business expenditures while not even knowing what the client does for a living, warned of particular jealous people, helped people move on to a better future opened third eye’s to allow people to see the path of a beautiful spiritual journey, and become a psychic healer themselves, made negative energy positive, restored balance, helped to recreate lost pieces to the soul, reunited star-crossed lovers and soul mates, twin flames, and settled karmic debts, saved uncountable lives. This is not only my Life dedication, but my Soul Destiny, I have had many lives in which I focus on developing my spiritual awareness and abilities, to heal, and restore balance, and keep the ultimate scale of the universe positive.
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