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Empath, Clairaudient, Tarot Reader.
Get the insights and information you need to make confident decisions about relationships and situations in your life.
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About Me
Readings inform you and provide confirmation or help you consider re-direction. I offer a caring, yet direct and enthusiastic approach to help you through your most challenging situations. A reading will give you insight into the current energies around your situations and also provide guidance and intuitive support on how you can fine-tune your vibes, mindset, and approach so you are in control of your destiny and back on the fast track to your dream life.

• Questions about your relationships? Keep attracting the same kind of person or situationship?
• Questions about work dynamics, that difficult co-worker or boss?
• Questions about other relationships- Got Friends and Family drama?
• Confused about which path to take or your next step in life? Feeling unsure and seeking spiritual coaching and support?

For over 30 years, friends, family, colleagues, and random people seek me out for guidance, support, and comfort. Before I understood my gift, I didn't know how I knew "stuff". It was when I had a life-changing experience did I realize that the internal guidance system I've been operating on is an information superhighway, connected to the ascended masters - my guides and the guides of others. They share information with me in images, signs, symbols, and sounds, and usually, it comes in as a download and a story I'm being told.
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Clairaudient Clairvoyant Empath Remote Viewing
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Since the age of 4, I can remember seeing and knowing things that others did not. My gift was nurtured by a long line of psychics and healers in my family. As an empath, people are naturally drawn to me. I never saw it as being "gifted", saw it as loving to help people with the information I can easily access and share with them. My joy is in helping you align with the best version of yourself. A good reading can keep you moving forward and prepared for whatever life throws your way.

I can shine light where you feel in the dark. You are not a victim of any circumstance unless you allow it. Take charge of your life and your future.

Read on to see if we are a good fit...
*Spiritual Transformation Coach and Advisor
*5+ generation intuitive empaths and energy healers
*Use tarot to enhance my natural gifts
*I've had precognitive dreams about other people. When I shared the content of the dreams with the person, they couldn't believe that I dreamt about something that happened already that I didn't know about, or happened in the future for them. It freaked me out a bit, too!
*Manifestation Life Coach Certification
*Transformational Life Coach certification
*Psychology and Philosophy education
*Twin Flame dynamics
*Reiki Master
* Yoga Teacher
*Over 25 years of professional experience in corporate America. I have been a manager of people and complex projects and can understand/appreciate the dynamics that happen in the professional sphere and how they affect us.

This is a major aspect of my astrological chart that validates this need I have to help others be their best:
"Moon Trine Pluto
You have the natural psychological ability, in particular when working with the public. You can handle emotional and personal issues (vulnerable areas) where angels fear to tread. People sense this about you and trust you with sensitive matters, inner worries, and questions of personal identity. You have a real mission and a sense of purpose."

Please read: I do not offer medical, financial, or legal advice, nor can I tell you if you will be hired or fired.
I can read energies around your situation and provide guidance and insights that will leave you empowered to make the best decision for your situation.

Readings are for entertainment purposes only. And should not be used in lieu of medical or other professional help. Healthy self-care must be considered first and can be achieved with a blend of modalities and support. I am not responsible for what you choose to do with the information shared and discussed during a reading.
About Stevie & Love and Relationships Advisors
Stevie has been a PsychicCenter guide since 2018. By receiving intuitive guidance in the Love & Relationships category, Stevie has helped clients find peace and tranquility within PsychicCenter's completely secure and confidential platform.
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