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Tarot Cathy
Tarot Cathy
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Let Me Help Your Relationship!
I am very tuned in to difficult relationships and even the aftermath of them. I am a great listener and advisor for any problem you may have. I use tarot cards and I am also a medium. I would love to help you!
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I have 35 years of experience with tarot cards, channelling, medium, empath and more. I was born very gifted and it was confusing growing up until I began to read about it in books and I discovered my gifts were actually that...A Gift! I loved helping people all my life and now I would like to open myself to anyone who would like my advise. I was always the person who stopped to listen, even to people I had just met and they were always attracted to me to tell me their problems. I am also a new age or spiritual artist as you can see from my photo. A few of my pieces are in the backround. I have always used crystals to help and guide my energy as well as doing chakra cleansings and meditaions with others. Part of the way I am a medium is through dreaming. If I need to, or it can happen on its own, I will dream on a person or problem and have much more information the next day or so. I did this for a friend recently and saw a whole past life for her! Most of the time my answers will be very direct and calmly stated to you, but in those unusual situations where you need more information, I can dream on it for you and we can set up another time to talk, or email.
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You can expect a few questions like "What would like me to look into for you today?" and a few questions during the tarot reading. I usually do not do traditional layouts and here is why: I believe that for me to use both of my gifts together, and to get a very accurate and more detailed message for a person, I must use at least three decks at a time, upside down, swirling and swishing them around in front of me, feeling for the right cards for the right energy for the person I am reading, and pulling them out first three, then more as I feel it necessary. I can pull up to ten or fifteen cards for just one reading because with three decks there is the chance of getting the same card more than once, telling me to pay attention to the meaning of that card. As I am pulling the cards I will be talking to you about them, possibly asking you a few more questions and telling you exactly what I see as well as what I feel and what the cards represent. I know I can help you, I would really love to.
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