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Toni Love
Toni Love
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Special!! Clairvoyant, empath.....
Is he/she the one? Will the two of you reconcile? I specialize in love and relationships. Let's find out. Where is your relationship headed? Love and relationships questions only!!!
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I inherited my gifts from my grandma. She knew I was gifted as a young child. She is how I realized I was an empath along with being clairvoyant. She taught me how to use my gifts. How to understand what people were hiding and how to see thru them. She also taught me how to read body language, there is a way a person behaves when they are not being honest.
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My grandma taught me how to use my empath and clairvoyant gifts. I learned as a child how to look at person's facial expression and come to a conclusion as to how the person was feeling. She had me learn to tell time by looking at the sun. There is a certain way the sun looks early during sunrise compared to 12 noon. Another exercise I was taught telling time using clairvoyance. For example, if you look at the clock and it says 11:30am, see if you can guess in 15 minute intervals. That means looking at the clock when its 11:43am or 11:45am. There were many, many exercises she had me do for years, until she felt I was strong enough.

I learned to meditate around 7 years old as I watched my grandma sit. Sometimes she would play music and sometimes she wouldn't. So, I learned more than one way to meditate. My grandma had a deck of tarot cards, but she only used them for herself as a hobby, she got a kick out of her cards. I don't remember the name of the deck and I've tried to find them but they aren't being made anymore.

I'm very skilled at love and relationship. I can pick up on the person's emotions. I know if the person is being honest or not. I can tell if the person has true romantic feelings for the other person but doesn't want to admit it. I can tell if the person is only interested in just having a online relationship or something more.
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