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Psychic Healer Medium
Biofield Holographic 5D Energy Healer be it Emotional,Trauma to Physical to Karmic cords Soul Ties, Generational cords etc!Intuitive Readings,Angelic Channeled Messages,Clearing Blocks Balancing Meridians,Money Blocks.
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Toni The Global Healer is globally known for her Unique Multidimensional 5D Remote energy Healing ability's be it from Emotional too Physical ETC.., She is known for Her Bio Intuitive Scan Readings and Her Angelic Channeled Messages for the past 30 years or longer. Toni is able to Remotely Help Many globally with many Modalities! She is able to Remote Bio Locate to offer paranormal removal services like Spirit Attachments,Negative portals Etc.Toni says everyone is different at time of service not one person is alike so when she does a Bio Body Scan Read she will tell you what she sees and than perform a BioField Energy 5D Healing Removal Clearing Balancing to tuning your DNA SONG to help a person to be able to move forward in this life Etc..

Toni was around 5 years old when it all started for her she experienced amazing Angelic encounters with her Queen Angel and Galactic Beings! She was able to Heal her mom that was sick with MS at the time with her Unique Abilities as she was not trained by man only Source and Natural Abilities, Toni Had 2 near death Experiences in her life time seen the other side and came back with extra gifting's be it Healing to Readings to Membership to Music, Art, Being able to see Galactic Star Planets Star beings be in 2 or 3 different places at the same time as she is able to see past life to future etc...Able to open Peoples 3rd or Light Language Light codes that all of Humans once had before entering earth to communicate direct to source~ Hard to put labels to all Toni's Abilities they come Nature as she is a open gifted soul with many Modalities to help many Souls!
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