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True Readings - Highly Accurate Psychic Advisor
You seek honesty, I provide full, Non-Rushed, REAL DEAL, very informative readings. Love & Relationships, Money/career, Guidance in all Love, Marriage, family, friends, associates & life matters. With real timelines, True R.
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I help people to thoroughly helping them to understand everything in order to get the most BENEFICIALLY, HONEST & TRUTHFUL ANSWERS that they come to get for their life’s most challenging questions. I specialize in spiritual & life advisory. My specialties when answering challenging questions for individuals include Personal Life, Love & relationships, Spirituality, Career and finance, Dream Analysis, Soul mate Connections, Single & Dating readings and advice, Family, Affairs, Breaking up & Divorce readings and advice.

I’ve been spiritually inclined since a child all my life and started noticing my abilities around the sweet age of 5, I accepted my gifts good and bad stuff at the age of 7 reading family members and seeing the shockingly, surprising looks on their faces.
It wasn’t until I hit 15 years of age I was reading Friends and Friends of Friends to just about anybody who was interested. With Over 22 years of personal and professional experience years of helping individuals locally and all over the internet. My reading style is very friendly, welcoming, directly blunt, and professional. My style is compassionate, sympathetic, conversational, and very empathetic but most of all very honest.

I never was one to force information on anybody so locally I started helping general people from my neighborhood, around the age of 18 up to 27, I am 34 now and have helped many people locally. My task now is trying to help people from all across the world online, and now I’m here starting to help one person at a time not all of them leave comments here but I’ve helped many awesome people, in hopes of sharing the same experiences with new friends.
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You can expect reliability from me as i answer everyone coming through whether it be through phone or text chat, you can expect REAL READINGS pertaining the truth to whatever is going on, from what I am able to see inside of your reading. I keep everything highly honest, I do not sugarcoat, If you can handle the truth, then my readings are for you. I do reversals and I explain everything I see to you in full details for your better understanding. I provide timelines and very current predictions as well.
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