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About Me
I was born being what my mother called "overly sensitive". In my thirties, this description evolved into being empathic, and being able to use Tarot card symbology to explain situations and people's deepest reality.

After my mother's death, I found a way to use my sensitivity to fulfill my calling as a professional. Nothing else gives me the kind of satisfaction and purpose that I find in in psychic and counseling work.

I've been working as an online Advisor since 1999, having also earned certifications in Relationship Coaching, Life Coaching, Numerology, Hypnotherapy,

Although no question is too small or too big, the real work of a psychic Advisor is what I strive to do; inspire you to know who you really are, what you really deserve, and how you get there using your own intuition and power.

I'm a Native Texan living in New England with my soulmate (met online) and our cats. Its my honor and pleasure to be your guide through challenging times.
Destiny/Life Path Women’s Issues Grief Commitment-phobia Breakups/Divorce
Skills & Methods
Tarot Numerology Empath Clairvoyant Clairaudient
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I will listen as you describe your concerns and feelings as I tune in to you personally. I use Tarot and the images they show me as the language of Spirit, to communicate to me what you need to know, no matter the outcome, because the outcome is ALWAYS for your highest good.

I don't believe in airy fairy sugar coating. I do believe that the truth is empowering.

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