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Receive clarity with a Soul Whisperer
For the past 25 years I have been guiding individuals with how to release emotional pain and trauma associated with difficult relationships and situations.
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My name is Yevette and I started doing readings in 1995. I have been asked many times, when did I first know I was "psychic" and my answer is this, I didn't know that I was psychic, up till the age of about 16 I thought everyone could feel all the same things that I did. And to be honest, I never thought that what I "had" was a "gift" I thought it was a curse! I didn't like being able to feel the emotions and thoughts of others it was extremely painful and draining. However I always did have a deep desire and passion for helping people which is why I never turned it off. I do know that my abilities in part come from my family lineage, Roma (gypsy). This is a culture that has deep spiritual roots and an amazing connection to source for which I am eternally grateful for.

Throughout the years I have grown with my abilities. I started out reading palms, then progressed to spirit guides, past loved ones, and now I connect directly to the inner soul via telepathy. So in other words, I connect to and communicate with your soul self and your master guides. And with their permission (and yours) I am given access to your soul blueprint. This contains all of your entire history and your purpose.

I love people and nothing brings me greater joy than that of helping and teaching others how to release all the pain and fear that holds them back from living. I know this pain and fear all too well. I lived with it for most of my life, fortunately for me I was able to hear my inner soul speak to me and guide me through it. I now live a life that I could have only dreamed of. All of the emotional pain and trauma has now become my blessing and joy. It was my "spiritual training" that I now use to help others with. I don't teach what I haven't been through myself.
I am here on planet earth to simply share my story and my abilities.
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Every reader shares thier gift in their own unique way. I personally don't focus on your future, instead I help you understand how to take control of your future.

The intention of every session is to assist you in the remembrance of who you truly are and help you understand how to align your human self with your soul self. In order for me to do this I connect telepathically to your higher self and receive the necessary information that will be the most beneficial and needed at the present moment in your life. I will then take that information and express it to you in a way that you can relate to, and understand.

I firmly believe that there is no point to any information if you can't apply it to your life in a logical, practical way. What's the point of having knowledge if you can't benefit from it in a positive way?

The ultimate goal will be helping you learn how to recognize and understand your inner guidance. This is the only way you will ever be able to release fear and pain. Just imagine getting to the place where you can recognize and know when your soul and angels are guiding you, and then be able to follow through with it.

The information given during a session is aimed at empowering you with this knowing so that you will learn how to bring yourself to a place where you respond to life from an emotionally balanced and mature way. Creating and experiencing a life that is deeply joyful and fulfilling. It doesn't get any better than that! In fact it's why you are here, and what I am gifted in. So let's connect and start your healing.
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