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Jacob the astounding face reader
Have you ever had a face reading where every line and feature inside your face speaks about your destiny
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About Me
Nicknamed the face whisperer by some of my clients, I am told that I am no ordinary mystic.
As a child I was always able to sense through someone’s expression their thoughts and behaviors and as you can imagine, this was not always a welcomed gift to some of the adult’s around me. Thankfully due to my Creole and Geechee, Native indigenous and Jamaican heritage I learnt very quickly to be comfortable within the metaphysical world.
Years of studying psychology gave me a more structured setting to garner insight into the third dimensional side of personalities which later complemented my additional studies into the metaphysical cause of human behavior particularly in the focus of support face reading.
I studied the human body as a powerful metaphysical conductor of energy and the face provides a unique gateway into all
metaphysical conductor of energy and the
tool to reconnect an individual to their
face provides a unique gateway into all the dimensions of each person’s existence and is a great communicator. Unfortunately most people go through their lifetime suppressing the messages and their inner spiritual guidance system. Once an individual retrieves repressed thoughts and emotions they can reconnect to their own inner spiritual guidance system. This is precisely why my readings have such a powerful impact on my client’s lives. Using the secret messages in the face, I work with my client’s higher selves, their guides and their ancestors to help them receive and decode the messages to help them gain a deeper understanding of their past and present challenges. My readings are very private and can be used as a guiding
very private and can be used as a guiding tool to reconnect an individual to their own inner guidance system and share information and to enable them to make choices and decisions from a place of awareness, balance and love so that forces they don’t understand do not blindly influence them.
Through my reading I am also able to decode current health issues in the body or concerns that may be on the horizon as a result of different habits or beliefs.
It brings me great joy to have the opportunity to connect and support my clients with their own universal current and it is my mission that while in this incarnation to bring forth loving awareness and healing to all the souls I am fortunate to meet.
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Using my psychic abilities I am able to see much deeper than the surface and link the past present and future.
I travel into the soul from different perceptions of light. I make connections from the known to the unknown and back to the authentic self.
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