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Hello, I was born gifted since i can remember at a very young age. Making predictions giving advice and seeing/getting messages from spirit since i can remember. If your looking for someone who can validate answers its me.
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Having born with this gift im allowed guiding and giving information to others that not only helps, But gives you peace and a sense of relieve to move forward with whatever you maybe facing or dealing with. This gift has helped me as a guide to others see not only healing for others but also healing in me in ways i feel connected. I started noticing my gift more in my late teens of 18. I began recollecting more senses and feelings with others that i knew was something i felt before. As i began going with what i seen and felt and messages i had got from spirit i was guided along the way to now helping others. This is a gift that i can say others that have it, have there own experiences and ways there connected. That was other way i finding out where all not the same in ways being gifted when asking all questions why and how am i knowing and getting spirits messages. I had to accept that this was my path and way of connecting to help others. how i connect as a reader is with sense of knowing things, this is where you get a quick sense of feeling that allows you to speak on it without knowing what you really said. I also see pictures and what i call movie clips that are shown to me as messages with a reading. Lastly i feel what others feel and what also spirit felt or feels now to relay to the person that is receiving a message.
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Having opening and expressing my gift knowing this was what i am made here to do had helped me open ways of healing within myself. That not only healed but opened my gift up more to seeing theres more to life than we might not know and also showed me how important the highest power is in our life.
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