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I provide over 40 years of Tarot reading and clairvoyance experiences. Customers all over the world are happy with the results of my readings. Long term experiences in helping survivors of bad relationships.
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About Me
Do you know the sentence: “This is the best for you!" ?

Always and again I am asking myself, why exactly other people, who are not able to cope with their own life, know, what "the best" is for somebody else?

My mother always kept saying to me: "When will you become normal after all?"

Until today I don´t know, what it means to be normal? Honestly, I am quite happy, that I am not normal... then the word normal means norm or standard, words which were laid down by people, who only wish the BEST (to themselves).

Having grown up in a small suburb town, I was always said to be slightly eccentric, because I used to do, what I thouht, was the best for me. Certainly I committed a lot of faults going through life, but I also learned a lot from that. You can achieve experience in life, not learning it.
How can anybody explain the meaning of disappointments, heart aches, loneliness and decide then, what is the best for us..?

Other people can stand by us, when necessary, but they can´t live our lives, they can dry our tears, but they cannot do our crying.

Thanks to my clairvoyance I am able to live in your tears and I can understand, what is wrong with you. Then I will find - with your assistance - a way out of your misery. I won´t try to tell you, what is best for you, because that only you will know yourself.
I am able to accompany you for a distance on your path through life and stand by you, until you will see light on the horizon again. The path is the aim.
rust in your destiny and live your life and if you loose the path, I will show it to you again and I will show you, how beautiful it is.

Spiritualism means living in harmony with yourself, with nature, plants and animals, always keep in mind, that we don´t own this planet, we just borrowed it from our children.

I don´t possess autocracy to live your life for you, neither do I have the knowledge, because I am not God. Sometimes I get scared of my gift to see storms, which will kill hundredthousands of human beings and not being able to do anything against it.
I don´t only see the good things in life but also the unpleasant, disturbing ones. I can´t alter the world, and I am not able to accomplish miracles. Miracles in someones live are caused by the people themselves. You can´t hit the lotteries jackpot without handing in the ticket and you can´t achieve happiness in life, when you make your life depend on somebody else.

Our doubts are traitors, they stop us from daring something and turn us to loosers, even though we could be winning after all.

Just dare to win the game which is called life.
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Advisor Interview
Between 2003 and 2015 I worked for a few major broadcasting companies doing both radio- and TV shows, in which the callers were able to talk directly with me, live on air. Not only did I provide the callers with accurate predictions, but when I felt the despair these people seeking my advice were feeling, I knew my calling was to help them find solutions to their pain, confusion and grief.

When I connect with your energy I am able to piece together major turning points in your emotional past. I use the cards to link the past to your present and future. Some things I see and say might not always be what you want to hear, but in the long term they will help you focus on what is important in your life and leave negative energies behind.

I deal in truth, if that is what you are after, call me today.
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