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Master Psychic dedicated to Love and Infidelity
Among my clients you will find celebrities because no question is beyond my sight. Thought Astrology I also provide accurate timelines and infallible career guidance.
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Welcome my darling, I'm Claudia , a Master psychic and astrologer with over 15 years of experience. My gifts first appeared when I was only five years old, on the day that I came in contact with an Angel by the name of Haakon whom is still with me today and proved to be an infallible guide. Through the years I developed my skills and was finally accepted into the " Temple of the sacred wave" in India, where people from all around the world would, and all walks of life come to me . Remember, you're not alone, with me you can regain your power, and truly get the Law of Attraction to work for you...see darling, the Universe is here to help you..you just need to know how to formulate the prayer.

Below a brief description of my reading style:

My readings are based on compassion and love, because the very fabric of the universe is based on such values, I do not sugar coat however and i'm always 100% honest with my clients. Moreover, through Astrology I can actually provide clear and accurate timelines.

I'm specialised in all matters of the heart as well Career and Finance. If I had to narrow down the three fields where my skills are most effective I would name 1) Reuniting of Twin Flames 2) Career goals and achievements 3) Self empowerment and 4) Infidelity matters ( You will never have to wonder again) . Moreover, I think of myself as a link between you and your higher source, by reconnecting you to the universe you will feel once more the infinite love that surrounds you, which will take away the fears ( fears are always generated by the misconception that we are "limited" and alone) and give the clarity needed to proceed on the path of happiness and abundance. I do not give short answers, everything is duly explained as any message coming from the above must "resonate" and make sense, only then it can be embraced and truly put it to positive work.

I can read minds that's true, but I never use my powers to simply " state someone's state of mind or just go like " it is what it is" the contrary, once I see the truth I will organically help you to understand and see it with your own eyes.

It is all actually a lot simpler than you think my darling....for you were born to be happy, loved and have everything you've ever wanted... pain and fear are the illusions....

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Reading with me will feel like you're speaking to your oldest friend in the world. Someone who can see you wit cosmic clarity and is here only to help, for there is no end to my love and understanding for you. No matter what I will never judge you, for you're a creature of light and I know that we don't choose who to love, but love chooses us. With me you'll be able to ground yourself, see reality for what it truly is and discover the AMAZING power you indeed have. No issue is too intricated, no question is too difficult....for you see...all the answers are already there, it's just about getting access to them. I will support you and gently guide you, i will take your fears and show you how easly they can vanish.

You're on your path my darling, and you know...just when you feel lost is when you'll find your true way for sometimes we need to close our eyes in order to be guided. Lucky for you, I'm as on point and precise as a leaser...and also always up to let that Angel of mine throw a couple of jokes in to lift you up... for Joy and a good laughter are universal love best's friends:)
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