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Love is everything. I will guide you.
Your burning questions will be met with loving compassion without judgement by Santa Fe's Sage with 37 years of experience. I care about you!
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My name is Cully although clients called me Sage. I have studied with Jungian and Native American mentors from Santa Fe, New Mexico to a guru in Mumbai, India and many more along the way. I work with synchronicity using four steps so that I'm confident the answers you're seeking are correct. All four ways must provide the concise clarity altogether so that I'm confident in my accuracy. I start working with your energy even before I know your question because spirit knows what your concerns are and I trust my connection. Having first noticed my gift as a child I was eventually startled to realize that not everyone experienced the world the same as I. I consider my path as a sacred journey which I accepted when spirit wouldn't take "no" for an answer. I want you to discover and live your life, just like I did. I have never taken that moment for granted. It has allowed me to help not only myself but, literally, thousands of clients from all walks of life - to bring depth to every level of who they are and enrich their own personal journeys. Indeed, I did not choose this path. Spirit chose me!
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Whether by phone or by chat, I dig deep to feel into any concerns you bring to me. I leave no stone unturned in revealing the answers you're seeking. My clients assure me that I'm on target with timeframes, although some of them take time to materialize because "life" happens and sometimes throws a curve ball. However, manifest they do, the true sign of an inspired and connected intuitive.

Client Feedback:
I didn't want to believe in psychic abilities. In fact, I'd fought my own such abilities for years. Cully knew things about me, my loved ones and my situation that she could not have known any other way but psychic ability. I am more convinced than ever that life, knowledge, information, all of it is energy, and that some of us are primed to receive it more clearly than others. Cully is a gifted receiver, and a good and decent human being. The reading she gave me was life-changing. I am grateful to the universe for leading me to her."

"Since 2008, Cully has been helping me trudge through the difficulties and challenges of life. Without her incredible empathic, (and sympathetic) skills, she has helped to bring back my sanity, by confirming the things I already knew. Being empathic myself, I have a hard time wading through my own personal issues, but Cully has helped me to get through the darkest and most confusing times of my life. Thank you Cully!"

"Since 2011, Cully’s insight as an intuitive is mirrored by her acumen as a teacher and guide. She has the ability to connect others to spiritual channels and vibrational frequencies they might never recognize without her guidance. Cully's energy is healing, enlightening, and simply genuine."

"Excellent. Took her time, connected well. Clear expectations. Knew family names never mentioned. Brought in important "side issues" I wasn't even aware of but which will be very helpful in dealing with the primary issue over time, as has been proven during the last 7 years."

"She is awesome!!!! Our cat was missing for 30 hours, we were worried sick. She told me he was nearby and that if we walked the neighborhood and called out to him we would hear him. We found him right away, on the street next to ours. He was trapped on someone's rooftop and couldn't get down. Sage was right about us hearing him, when we called out his name he was just a howling at us. I am forever grateful and recommend Sage highly.

"I first found Cully in January 2007. I was on the path of my self-destructive life and desperately needed to be "heard". As soon as I saw Cully's advertisement, I "felt" and "knew" she was the one I was meant to find in this particular life, and specific time, and journey. Cully is amazingly true in her readings. She is an extremely intuitive empath, who is non-intrusive, and non-judgmental. She is my spiritual advisor and I continue to consult with her frequently. I have grown and learned so much from her about my life and the purpose the universe had in mind for me in this lifetime. I have been so blessed".

"I have to say this is a connection with a psychic that I have never had before. She is an amazing, gifted person. Spoke on a high plane. Anyone reading with her will not be disappointed. She will bring the best she has. I got my answers and more."

If you would kindly leave your feedback, as well, it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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