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I am guiding my friends since childhood.
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I faced breakup in a very crucial time of my life. I failed too in the exam. After that, I started observing why my life is governed by other people. I started reading Hindu scripture. Now I am fully stable.
Deceased Loved Ones Destiny/Life Path Breakups/Divorce Love/Relationships Career/Work
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Astrology – Vedic Chakra Cleansing Aura Cleansing Affirmations
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Advisor Interview
I can tell you why God is not doing anything although even children are getting raped.
I can tell you where does from the first soal come from or how does soal form.
Do you want to know why God made such a world where one creature eats another and that another one gets so much pain why god does so?
Why breakup hurts
How we can increase our efficiency by making coordination with the cosmos.
What is Samadhi? If you are in samadhi you will feel 10 hours like 5 minutes.
how meditation is different from samadhi?
You can know nearly everything just by observing.
Problem with us is that if we face a problem in our life, we immediately find the wrong reasons in our mind that justify problems.
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