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I've helped people all over the world, in love, relationship, how to find true love, finance and life life purpose. My ability to connect to my clients quickly and easily allows our time together to be of great value.
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I am Sacred a Powerful Enlightened 5th generation Claircognizant, Clairvoyant, Psychic with over 15 years of conducting Tarot and Oracle card readings. My Ancestors and Spirit guides assist me along my journey which provides me with extremely clear messages. As a little girl growing up in the Caribbean I was able to learn from the land giving me an extraordinary connection to Source. I am a Certified Intuitive Spiritual Life Coach, Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner and Pendulum Energy Worker. I Specialize in Honest Accurate Answers about Love, Relationships, Career Advice and Life Decisions. As Your Psychic Adviser, I believe that readings and spiritual adviser helps Empower, Encourage, and Enlighten, but most important is it puts YOU on the Path to Living Your Best Life. I never leave my clients hanging after a reading. I provide Tips, Tools, and Techniques to help You raise your vibration in order to maximize positive results. I except all people, this is a judgement FREE zone.
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I am an Empathetic and Honest Reader. I use my Intuition along with Tarot and Oracle cards to give phone, text, and chat readings. Before I start my readings for the day, I set my mood aka the vibe. It may be burning sage, Palo Santo, or some incense, my favorite is lavender. I always begin my day with a minimum of 60 minute in meditation. What you will expect from your reading: You'll be treated with respect, friendliness and kindness. I introduce my self and ask for their name, and date of birth. Then I give the client options as to what type of reading the would like. May it be only my intuition, tarot cards, oracle cards, pendulum or distant energy healing. As they are answering the questions I'm getting a connection with them. If they are new or unsure of any modality I offer, I do a brief explanation on how it works. I already have my supplies out and ready: My tarots and oracle card along with my Pendulums, and we can not forget about my Cat......Thunder.Thunder..Thunder...Cat ;-) We always have water or herbal tea beside us due to the throat chakra....we must keep that clean and clear for the best communication possible.
When doing a card reading I always begin by pulling a card from My Spiritual Orisha Power Deck....Cards of Wisdom ( not needed) This gives the client a lovely spiritual thought for the reading and moment to center their selves. I display a sympathetic personal client receptive, cooperative mood by explaining a reading is a team effort. Because they are not here in my presents, this is critical. It allows us to connect on the same level focused and grounded on the present moment. I either tell the client to pick a number they have been seeing often or lately, their favorite number, a loved ones birthday, or have the client tell me to stop shuffling, then I lay out the cards and get down to some serious tarot business. In a full call reading, we begin with a general outlook, which allows me to look at the past, present, and future. At the end I wrap it up with a brief overview of the reading. Also giving tools, tips, and techniques to help aid in raising the clients energy, frequency and vibration to guarantee success if applied correctly. If the reading is getting deep and the time is running out I ask them if they would like more time or if I should wrap it up. If the client has Pre-Paid and we have remaining time, I ask if there is any other additional question or concerns that we can address. If not, I thank the client for allowing me to read for them sending them peace, love and light until next time. u
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