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Receive guidance about love,relationships and life
I have experience helping people heal the deepest of traumas and blocks, connecting to inner child, giving guidance when it comes to love, relationships, and anything life brings forth that is difficult.
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About Me
I am an old soul Empath and I was born with healing abilities which include transmutation- setting the soul free of negative energy(karma) turning it into positive energy and working with forgiveness whether it be towards self or others. I am a mirror to others of what their issues are, what they hate about themselves and just anything that hasn't been healed. It is a deep passion of mine to heal others of what is giving them issues or keeping them stuck in their life.
Love/Relationships Pets/Animals Women’s Issues Money/Prosperity Breakups/Divorce
Skills & Methods
Advisor Interview
I am a very attentive listener and I am all about getting to the deeper truth rather than just being at the surface level. I tend to be direct yet loving when doing my readings. Also, I do my readings via phone or chat. After a reading with me, clients have told me that they feel lighter, relaxed, and expansive. It is quite possible for me to incorporate a reading with a channeled message from loved ones.
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