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Welcome! My name is Tina Maria Clairvoyant, Clairsentient & medium. 20 years of experience in the psychic industry! My sun is in Taurus, My Moon is in Cancer & My rising sign is Scorpio. At the age of 5 I experience the paranormal psychic phenomena. My parents never gave me no support, my spiritual crises. Untill, I friend from high school, that was advance of her age that is psychic and read my soul & guided me to Magical, spiritual realm of self discovery. Then I started to get addicted to tarot and astrology! I specialize & navigate, love, family, friends, relationships, career, money, dream interpretation & much more! I will guide to the right destination to the light!
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At age of 5. I had so many dream's of my great grandmother, she will take my hand & we fly like eagle's up in the sky! I will wake up want to go back to sleep and dream about my great grandmother and fly with her.My childhood was very lonely, my mother could not understand me. It was difficult & challenging. I'm only child. I meet a friend that came generation of psychic ability and very advance. She help tarot and the spiritual development. This was teacher!
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