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The game of life and how to play it !
Life path reading and very honest with no fingers crossed! All areeas of life! Power is inside YOU!
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About Me
Master in Psychology Astrologer Psychic counselor.A genuine Clairvoyant spiritual counselor .I have made it my own personal goal to help guide and direct people in the right path .Caring advice on all aspects of life.
Empath psychic advisor and life coach. I have helped many and more to come. I will not be dishonest with you, I simply want to help. I specialize in love and relationships, but I cover all aspects of life. Past, present and future. Love, career, finance, and family.
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Advisor Interview
Before entering a private chat with me, please prepare yourself emotionally to find out exactly how things are: directly and to the point.My style is friendly but to the point,very frank some times. In fact, you want to know reality, no matter what nature is. I am here to help you with all my soul and abilities and I hope you are not super if you will not always give you positive answers.
I put you in front of the two life paths, and I tell you about the character of the man you talk ... what to expect from him... or whether it is worth the effort to fight.
I've been pursuing astrology since the junior high, when I also had my first, regular published astrology column) and in workshops with leading astrologers across the word. That's why I'm able to draw your astral map and read it for all your life. Very precise information that shows graphically and in detail everything that follows with you, the general life: love, career, job, etc. I have my personal skills based on psychic skills, my spiritual guides, astrology and numerology, so that they use several methods at the same time that give very accurate information and answers and precise time frame calculation.
I also focus on helping others by providing emotional and spiritual counseling in many areas including medical intuitive healing and advices(as a medical staff), depression, suicide prevention, life coaching, addiction, relationship counseling, conflict resolution, death/loss, spiritual guidance, and many other issues. It is very simple for me to read your astral map and assure you of the wrong choices you can make. What good would it be if you knew these things before, would remove any doubt and no longer would it be dramatic.No? I can help others identify and develop their own abilities and are often advised to other professional or career, important choices. Imagine that you are born to be a leader and you choose another side. When you are guided on the right path of life and career, it means that you are happy with what you choose and work for pleasure. And if it is not possible, at least to get an idea. There is much to say, but I will let you draw conclusions. During the reading session I need two things: the small name and date of birth. Reading will be a normal conversation with a lot of useful information, so it would be great if you had something to write to write down in time. We have to talk in turn to understand, to correctly transmit all the information received for you.
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