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Dawn Youth
Dawn Youth
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Reverend, Psychic, Medium, Channeler, Energy work
I have helped many with closure over the passing of loved ones . I have learned from an elder Master Teacher, and Chiefs. I have been blessed . It would be my pleasure to assist you on your Journey. Reading-Channeling n more
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I have been gifted all my life. I was in a coma . Many years after I was out of the Coma . I started my Journey into the spirit worlds . I started trying out Automatic Writing and taking Reiki and Psychic classes Then the universe had a surprise for me . I met my Master Teacher. Then I met Chief of the Healing Clan and more Chiefs and continue learning . They have all past and would love for me to advise you with the knowledge . Readings, Channeling, Journey Work, past life regression Reiki and other Energy work I have learned and I combine them. It has been more effective.
Deceased Loved Ones Past Lives Pets/Animals Destiny/Life Path LGBTQ Issues
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When you call there will be the introduction . If you want a reading with or with out tarot . If you want a channeling make sure you have plenty of water. The connection I will need it to be quiet . If you have an item put it in front of you. If you do not that is ok to I will just need the name of who you would like to connect with. Who you want me to connect with. I then will take a little time to connect .Others may jump in for the party as well. I recommend over a half hour and close to an hour for that . For Journey work, Regression Reiki or Energy work . Try your best not to eat 2 hours before . Always have water available for yourself.
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