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Sublime psychic readings. Delivering accurate, inspiring, and special messages. I am here as a willing instrument/medium for you— as my client— to experience: love, courage, illumination, and psychic phenomena.
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Meow meow, it's me.

My name is Emma. I am a graduate from a progressive-level 5 month advanced psychic program developed by a Windbridge Institute psychic-medium researcher/ mentor. I went from the beginner psychic level, to intermediate, kept going to the elite advanced level, and finished with 2 months focused on mediumship.

I am not stopping there, I am currently searching for new mentors and doing new practices and rituals. Developing my psychic skills is a curiosity that has been with me since I was a small child. My parents are spiritual people; I remember us going to a shaman lady for my sibling and I to be energetically cleansed from time to time, a 'spiritual hygiene' session per se. I also had a psychic game set as a kid, from what I remember it had pendulums, casting/geomancy, and Sibyl gypsy cards. It has taken a long time for me to realize (accept?) this affinity for spirituality and extrasensory perception is here to stay, and will be a constant in my life. Spirituality without dogma is not something you can always disclose with others, so even if you don't become a client of mine— I thank you for being here on Keen, and sharing some of your presence with me via this space.

I continue to acquire new tools of divination, as well as finding ways of polishing my current skills. I value your time, so I do not use new tools professionally until I am ready to share. As of May 2024, my most recent practice is a new Oracle deck with its own meditations and rituals. I take this seriously and practice in my personal time as well. What is always at play in my readings is cycling through the psychic senses that correspond with our 5 physical senses to 'feel what I get.'

Experiencing new things is something dear to my heart. I am the most curious person I know. Trying new tools and ways of connecting/ practicing spirituality is not something I only do for me; I believe I also owe it to my clients to make an effort to learn new things rather than staying the same. Some forms of divination are (truly) ancient and therefor a great challenge to learn. I've been using runes for 2 years and they'll surprise me sometimes by making me feel I still have so much to learn about them. I consider runes, scrying, and mediumship to be advanced practices.

I am so looking forward to sharing one of my gifts as I continue to grow these abilities. Developing external sensitivity through training is something I am truly committed to. My promise to you, is that I am here to "get better and better."

It's always a blessing to be part of someone's reading; as I can only talk to someone who wishes to open up, I can only give some light where I am allowed to, and I can only offer advice to those who seek it.



Flying Pig Marathon 2023
Advanced Psychic Program by a Windbridge medium
Psychic Medium
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Multimedia + Performing Arts Graduate
Oracle (learning this practice)
Runes (developing this practice)
200Hr Hot Yoga Teacher Training
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Celestial Being ✩࿐
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I hold space for you to feel a therapeutic ambiance. When I do a reading my goal is to comfort and inspire. I like connecting, and being that one flame that rekindles a fire in you again. My sessions offer you an opportunity to feel brighter and find solace. I love illuminating new perspectives, new choices, and new hope. After connecting with some of you, even I feel brighter after our session.

What I do in a reading is connect, and then deliver what I got. You can expect: an answer to your questions, subconscious insight, a truly unique psychic reading, details of the spectral past and glowing future, and a sense of lightness.
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