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Mystic Mama Marie
Mystic Mama Marie
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Marie the Medium, Intuitive Guidance from Spirit
If you are in need of a connection between you and the spirit world I can help
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About Me
I saw my first spirits as a young girl, which really gave me a good scare at first and still does from time to time. I have learned to embrace my gifts however at to recognize that without fear I would not have an opportunity to be brave. I am here for you, to share what I know, what I have learned over the years and to help you get the answers that you seek. At a very young age I began to have visions that came to pass. My psychic gifts allow me to bring clarity and truth into your life. Professionally I have been using my clairvoyant gifts and knowledge of the ancient tarot to help my clients for many years achieve a better quality of life, while helping my clients connect with their deepest desires. I have been studying the disciplines of several lineages of spirituality and metaphysics since I was just a child. This has brought me deep insight, understanding, and keys to my unique gifts. My studies in spiritualism have taught me to connect with people on many levels and from all walks of life with nonjudgmental compassion. In order to reach your fullest potential it is important to understand the things that we sometimes hide from ourselves. I work with energy to heal your emotional pain and raise your vibration level so you can heal yourself and the people around you. I am here to assist you with relationships, career, money, and all aspects of the human experience. I will tell you the truth of what I see in your future. Together we can bring you to a state of an awakened heart and attract your deepest desires into your life
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Advisor Interview
How has your journey been as a psychic advisor on PsychicCenter? Any highlights?

PsychicCenter has a special vibration and place in my heart. I have worked for so many other networks and none compare to the love and support that PsychicCenter provides. I am so blessed to be a part of such a wonderful group of luminaries of our time. The company cares about us psychics and cares about the clients and everyone in-between. The work that I do is a lifestyle to me. I wake up and one of the first things that I think about is PsychicCenter. Sometimes my clients come to me in dreams.

What is your philosophy on providing advice to your clients?

I treat my clients as I would a loved one, because to me they are. I know that we are all connected by a divine thread of eternal love. I was born to do this work and love each and every moment of it. It was a divine calling. I was guided to learn the cards by an apparition at a young age. All our deeds and actions are recorded someplace, making room for spiritual growth and understanding of the purpose that we all share, both individually and collectively. My clients help me to learn and grow and I certainly hope I help them grow as well, as my intention is to do just that.

In your opinion, what values should a good psychic reader have?

Compassionate toward others and toward the self, Forgiving of others and forgiving of the self, Professionalism, Tolerant of the differences of others, Honest, Protective of the privacy of the client, Staying connected to the higher power on a conscious and intentional level to bring about the highest and best for the client and all involved

How long have you provided psychic services in general?

20 years professionally

When did you start providing advice on PsychicCenter? Please provide MM/DD/YYYY if possible.

2018, but I did work for PsychicCenter years ago for over 5 years. I started back in 2008 and after I had my first child needed to step a way for a few years to focus on motherhood. I am so happy to be back with PsychicCenter as they were always so good to me. As I mentioned earlier, I have a special place for PsychicCenter in my heart. I value, respect and love this company and community. I am proud to be here.
About Mystic Mama Marie & Medium Advisors
Mystic Mama Marie has been a PsychicCenter guide since 2018. By receiving intuitive guidance in the Mediums category, Mystic Mama Marie has helped clients find peace and tranquility within PsychicCenter's completely secure and confidential platform.
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