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Tarot Cathy
Tarot Cathy
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Past Lives Exploration
I have the unique ability to see the past lives of others and it is through my spirit guide, and yours, that I can give you insight about the lives you've lived and how they affect your life and who you are now.
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About Me
I have had abilities my whole life. I always had vivid dreams that would either come true, or be clues to what was happening in other people's lives. I have over 35 years experience with reading tarot cards and just helping others with psychic intuition. I also have a few spirit guides that I communicate with regularly and I can also communicate with other people's guides. It was at those times, while communicating with spirit guides, that I discovered that I could see images and scenes from the past lives of my clients. Sometimes those images can lead to seeing important events that happened which can have meaning in a client's life now. At the very least, it is really interesting to hear what the guides tell me, but you may also get reasons for why you have a fear of something, or why you always were attracted to something, or why some other country, or culture is so interesting to you. I can sometimes see life-changing events that happened in another life and it has been a driving force behind choices you make or things you are attracted to now, even the types of people you keep around you, or away from you. In some cases, I can even see soulmates that have traveled with you through these lives, and who they might be right now in this life. I would love to do a reading for you. I can start on the phone, but I suggest letting me finish with an e-mail so that I have more time to really see everything I can for you. Starting with a phone conversation is important for me to get a link to your spirit guide who will be sending me the important images of your lives. That's when a follow-up e-mail comes in handy, to describe in more detail what I see, or what I am told. It's a great experience, getting a look into your past, I hope you will give it a try!
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Advisor Interview
Basically, I will tune in to your spirit guide(s), and any loved ones that may want to be a part of it. I may ask you some questions based on some initial images that I get. I will ask you if there is a specific reason for the reading, or just curiosity, either is fine. I really just want to tune in to your vibration and be able to hear your guide clearly enough so that when I want to focus on our session at any other point, I will be able to recognize who I am hearing. It can help a lot if you wanted to do the follow up e-mail. But if you just want a phone conversation, I will jump right into the images I get, the words I hear and I will describe as many past lives for as far back as you would like to go. It's up to you how long we talk.
I actually had this done many years ago for myself and I was just amazed. I walked away with so many "Now I know why" type of questions answered and it was so much fun! I want to do that for you!
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