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Medium~Angel Communications~The Other Side
POWERFUL INSIGHT - Do you have visitations from loved ones in your sleep? Puzzling dreams. Let me guide you through the communication and process of what they mean. I communicate with angels.
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About Me
It is not by accident you found me here. As a Psychic-Medium-Clairvoyant, I possess a powerful gift of insight and accuracy. Experiencing my grief of losing parents, a sibling, and my 16 year-old-son. I know the process they use to communicate. As an empath, I am given the privilege of the trust of the spirit to communicate their words to you. The discerning of dreams is an energy-filled task and that is why I am here to help you.

Seeking peace or perhaps need clarification? I can sense when a past loved one, friend, or your pet is trying to connect letting you know they are ok and sending you their love.

Knowing how your heart is torn and the deep journey it has been placed on, together we find the simplest way to convert unsure questions or grief to memories and welcome visitations from the other side. These visitations and communications happen so your loved ones can bring you joy and happiness at the moment.

Don't like to chat or call, then consider an email reading with me for a fee. (contact me for details) Regular paid reading sessions, and chats of 5 minutes or more receive free minutes. Please leave positive feedback and rating after each reading to help others who are seeking advice and connection.

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Skills & Methods
Clairaudient Clairsentient Clairvoyant Dream Exploration Medium
Advisor Interview
I come from a very large gifted family. Born with angelic gifts of insight allows me to be accurate. Over 45+ years of dedicated heart aiding others in need of clarification, and understanding. Giving closure for those who may desire it, in all aspects. Having aided law enforcement with cases on a very quiet level brought peace to families of the missing and deceased. As a Medium, I am sympathetic to the spirits who wish to make their presence known.

I possess all the gifts of clairvoyance, which is to see, hear, taste, smell, feel, and more. Certified in Psychological Thought and Spirituality, Meditation, and Spiritual Therapy. Art and Soul Therapy, Victim Advocacy, Hypnosis, Telepathic Empath. As a Reiki Master, I send vibrational energy to those who need soul adjustments and peace through grief. I am professionally known for my Art, wisdom, herbal knowledge, and tea leaf readings. The ability to use remote viewing allows my intuitive side to connect to images of locations, people, and objects. I communicate with Angels.
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