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True Guiding Soul
True Guiding Soul
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Get messages from loved ones that passed.
I've assisted my clients through grief, relationship issues and even career troubles. Guidance towards a true happiness is my mission with all of my clients.
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From an early age I knew there was something different about me. Being able to see, hear and sense things that others around me couldn't, was obvious when I was school aged. My grandmother eventually took me under her wing and helped guide me with my abilities. She taught me spirit writings, tarot, oracle and just how to understand and communicate with those on the other side.

The past 10 years I have been working closely with clients, assisting with career issues, relationship issues, grief, family issues and sharing messages from those that have passed, including pets. In the past year I began working closely with very popular psychic companies providing their clients phone and chat readings. During my readings, I also offer a type of guidance coaching if clients request so.
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Skills & Methods
Medium Tarot Clairsentient Clairaudient Clairvoyant
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My readings are wise, compassionate and sincere. You can always depend on getting your questions answered in a manner that will resonate with you personally. At times my readings may be a bit blunt, as I speak on what I an receiving. If it is something that you do not understand at that moment, I will assist you in trying to figure it out.
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