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SoulStorm-Psychic Astrologer and life coach
I am a huge sensitive person, I pick up on anything, seer's tend to have visons. Mine however are numbers an symbols. I use astrology an numerology to aid. This is my passion and I love to help those in need. available 24/7.
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Hello, I am Melissa I go By Mela. I have natural abilities since childhood. I didn't start using them till after my dad passed in 2012.
I work online of Facebook groups doing charity an some paid. I also have feed back if needed. My gifts include:
Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, telepathic, empathic, seer, fortune teller, intuitive, remote viewing, psychometry, spirit communication, healer, palm, photo readings, astrology and soul contracts with numerology.
I don't have a job and I am available 24/7 for this position. I find it hard to be in public. so I work via phone and or computer. I've done readings via video it is easer for me to read that way. If you don't have that phone is fine.
I'm a responsible reliable person. Well liked and I'm easy to talk to an through with clients. I believe in honesty with positive vibes. I Don't like to know anything about the sitter before a reading. Thus I can validate well. Hope you consider me thanks for your time.
Melissa 1-252-864-6462
Deceased Loved Ones Family/Friends Destiny/Life Path Grief Love/Relationships
Skills & Methods
Affirmations Astrology – Mayan Medium Remote Viewing Clairvoyant
Advisor Interview
I am a very different reader, i beleive in thelling the truth good or bad but delivering it in a good way, im experienced in hekoing people through FAcebook and am a natural, I am able to do all abilites if needed. I am a stay at home wife; therefor i am avaible 24/7 by phone or via email. I am a empth and enegry reader as well. I see symbols, visions an dream proprecies. I astro travel as well. I work with the light and i always make sure the sitter is safe an comfortable. I also know occcult symbols, spiritual studies, and mythology. I take what my passsion is very serious and respectful.
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