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I am a Medium And clairvoyant
I have given many people closure on the death of a loved one and I am very accurate .I love the fact that I can be of help when someone ask me about their deceased loved ones I have been able help many people.
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Ever since I was 7 years old I was able to see and hear spirits .I was taken by surprise when my deceased grandpa that died when I was only 2 yrs old yrs old came to me when I was 12 yrs old I never see him before I came out of my room I told my mom about it she said what are you saying I told her she said hun your describing my father i told her what he told her when he died and she was stunned so then it took off more from there as i got older and honed it more i have had bad luck in my past as well which i think why it blossmed more. I have been able to tell people from other state that I'm not in things that have happened to their loved ones and things only they knew I am happy to help people im not out to Hurt people being a medium has opened many doors for me its interesting. But you got to pace yourself or it can drain you so there Is more to being a medium than most people realize we got to stay grounded at all times and bubble all the time well I meditate daily to keep my inner self balanced at all times I am always grateful. For the little things in life and I take life day my day because. Tomorrow is never promised I always try to Cheer up someone. Thats sad because its not what we are here for to be sad and miserable we are here to love learn grow and teach our family everything we can about life and teach our children. From our experiences so they don't make the same mistakes we did. I am very intuitive. I have been. Intuitive since very Young as well it took me quiet a few years to get to where I am now I have had people said did u wake up and could do it im like no it don't quite work that way I have a lot of fun using my abilities but there are some days when I have to bubble myself and meditate more but its alright being empath is ok it has its disadvantages. At first I did not know what was going on I was like my friend was sad so I was sad and then it was like I could feel people emotions at the grocery store as a Young kid I was like they are angry I'm not getting by them it was hard to shake off at first then once I knew about it I was like oh makes sense so I learned how to bubble myself and then everything got better after that I was able to go place and if they we sad it would not affect as much I would just walk up to them and say you look like you could you a hug and they would be like how did you know I would say I felt it at first I got strange looks then not so strange. And I can tell when people were getting out of the Passover so then I had to bubble myself for that and tell him it was OK to go towards light and then as I got older I was told about light working and I follow that for awhile in that was OK it is spirit started talking more and filling me in on stuff that happened to them in told me different things about family members of them I contacted their families I told them what they had told me that the spirit had told me and they were like wow I said well I was just letting you know what they had passed along to me and just doing my job I wanted to tell you and I hope you have a good day I have gotten several people since then that wanted to give me money I didn't think it was right at first so I would I didn't do it so as I got older and just a couple months ago I was thinking well maybe I should do it as I'm getting older and I really wanna make a difference in people's lives and help him do what they gotta do some that's what that's all about me I live in a small town in Illinois don't like it wanna move but I got family here I got 2 kids age 14 and 13 in wrestling and II spend a lot of time with my family and hopefully I can get clients and help them and spend time with them too yes this is one of my passions in life I hope that I have given you an inside of who I am what I can do how I can help you and I hope that all of you that are reading this can get
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I am here to help my customers with any grief they are experiencing and I am here to speak the truth and give honest answers to you to help you in your time of need I keep my stuff direct real no time to play with emotions thats a pet peeve of mine so honest sincere answers. Is what I am about compassion also to lift the persons spirits and make their day a little brighter than it was before the conversation .I want to help my customers. Heal from the inside out and when they leave my session I want them to feel happy and know thats everything's going to OK and things are going to get better.and I am just going to do my best to make them feel as comfortable as possible from the start to the end of session I am going to make sure they have the piece of mind that they were looking for when entering my session as well as leaving it and make sure I can answer all their questions they may have to the best of my ability I am looking forward to having customers. Saying great things about me when they leave my session and as well as a smile on their faces and a lighter heart than they had before coming into my session.i use a pendulum. To get some clarity if I'm get mixed signals I am clairaudient, and I'm clairvoyant I been able to you my clairvoyance since I was 12 I am very intuitive also I just like making a difference in people life that need clarity and emotional support in the area of grief as I know all to well the feelings that come with it and know that everybody has their own way of grieving that no two people are the same. I hear spirits meaning deceased loved ones, Angel's spirit guides , ascended masters . And I know all about soul contracts and lightworkers and starseeds it all came to me through honing my psychic abilities and meditation . I do a lot of meditation as it helps me to get clear clarity in the morning help me clear my mind and body and soul I have dealt with grief a lot is this a natural part of life is as we all know I am here to help you with your grieving on I wanna help you with anything that you need help with like deceased loved ones coming through you want me to closure on it I can help would what spirits tell me that you ask me about um I'm clairvoyant I can see things in the past I know a lot of past when I use the word clairaudient I can hear on spirits meaning spirit guides Angels ascended Masters deceased loved ones I do use a pendulum I use it for yes or no answers and maybe answers. Most the time on when I'm connecting to spirit I will hear it mentally and I will translate what is saying to you and I let it use my body as vessel and it comes to me and I tell I typed you what is telling me and when it does all that it makes me type fast I'm a fast typer if I type too fast then just tell me to slow down but otherwise I am a fast typer I will answer your questions directly I am accurate fast honest sincere I am empath I can pick up on it you're sad happy angry before all of my sessions I always bubble myself I do that to keep myself grounded clarity I do it I do it so I can keep myself in tune when I'm doing a session for you my sessions when you're done with my sessions you should leave with a happy feeling a good feeling in your heart in know that I was this it sincere is I can be ain't here to play with the emotions I'm here to help you with your problems I am young but not too young II enjoy helping people I love the fact that I can help people with their grief in with the deceased loved ones. I think personally I am here to do one job and one job only that is to make sure when you leave my sessions that you have the clarity and peace of mind that you have needed for however long it may have been that you know deep down inside that I have done what it is that you needed to have done that I have somehow and someway changed your life for the better I is a medium take my work seriously I pride myself on my abilities and learn hone different different abilities that may come my way I am
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