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Master Dream Decoder
Welcome! My Intuitive Gift is Dream Decoding. More than a Dream Interpretation, I'll go into your dreams to help you translate & decode the insight received & how to put it into practice in waking life to achieve your goals!
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I have had an Intuitive Gift for Dream Decoding for as long as I can remember. People always came to me for my opinion on their dreams. Dreams are like a love letter in a foreign language. I will help translate your nightly intuition into a cohesive manner to allow you space to process and utilize the information received for your greatest and highest good.
Ten years ago I created the Dream Interpretation category on JustAnswer.com to share this Intuitive Gift. You can also find me there (occasionally) or at gossamergridlines.kajabi.com , a safe space for Highly Spiritually Gifted persons who dream heavily or in great detail, and need regular support. I look forward to working with you!
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Using my unique gifts , I will dig deep into troubling and recurring dreams, to help identify the Dreamers night language, the dream cycle they may be in, the insight the dream is communication, and how to clear and/or integrate it into the Dreamer's waking life. This is so much more in depth, and meaningful, than an average dream interpretation.
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