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Zuri De Chaneaux
Zuri De Chaneaux
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Hoodoo practitioner offers answers to all.
I am a Medium and Hoodoo practitioner. I have unusual ways of seeing ones future, I can cast bones and hear the spirits that inhabit them, or a burning of a combination of herbs and candles to improve my visions.
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About Me
No one in this realm taught me my gifts, I come from a line of practitioners and our ancestors showed me the way of seeing the future and how to perform Hoodoo. I often use these gifts to help or improve the life’s of others. My primary way of performing a reading for someone is throwing bones, an assortment of trinkets I gathered to call upon the word of spirit. Through that method I am able to receive visions, messages, answers, where you are going in life, or the answer to your life’s questions. I’m also known for working spiritually on the behalf of others and perform Hoodoo to help nudge reasonable situations in the right path.

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My guides and I come to every matter with love and understanding but we are direct and will tell you what you need to hear and how you need to hear it. We are never cruel and will be nothing less but honest, we will guide you out the dark and show you the light. My guides and I only want you to live your best life and help you manifest your greatness.
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