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Of all the different types of spiritual guides available, people often ask “What is a psychic medium?” Though it can be a controversial practice, the best psychic mediums have the gift of communicating with the dead. While this may sound a bit unsettling, it’s nothing like the negative connotations you see in movies and television shows. In fact, psychic medium readings can be extremely beneficial when it comes to coping with the loss of a loved one—person or pet. While it’s different for everyone depending on their situation, the main reasons why one seeks a mediumship reading include closure, receiving answers, comfort, the ability to heal, and a lessening of grief. Think of it as a form of spiritual counseling.

What a Medium Won’t Do

To be clear, a medium won’t give you information about your love life or career path/ Their only goals are to provide individuals with the comfort of knowing their departed loved ones are to deliver messages from the deceased and to provide closure and bereavement support. A reading can also help banish fears of death. Note that while all psychics may not be mediums, all mediums are in fact psychic. It’s important that you know the difference between mediums and other spiritual advisors so that you can choose the best psychic for you. 

Communicating With the Deceased

So, then how exactly do mediums communicate with spirits? A medium relies on intuitive abilities and extrasensory perception such as inner sensing, seeing, and hearing to correspond with the deceased. Spirits vibrate at a higher frequency than living beings so, in order to make contact, a medium must raise their vibration while the spirit has to lower theirs. As they are meeting in the middle, this is how the term medium was transpired. This is not always easy to do as a medium has to maintain this higher vibration long enough to obtain a message (and interpret it) from the deceased so it can be passed along to the living loved one. 

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