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Frequently Asked Questions
If you're having problems signing into your account, please make sure that your email address or user name is spelled correctly and that Caps Lock is turned off (passwords are case sensitive). If you are still having trouble, you can reset your password. If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Support team or call us at 1-866-692-7876.
Once you create an account, you will be able to select a psychic advisor from the available list. After you choose your preferred advisor, you will be able to begin your 10 minute reading. There is no expiration date. Your special offer will remain valid until you have used it.
Please note: The offer is only valid for new customers. Your credit card will be charged $5, but there will be no further charges or membership fees. We are a pay-as-you-go service, so if you wish to continue, you'll have the opportunity to add more funds after your 10 minutes are up.
The Transaction Details page will allow you to review all of your account transactions on a monthly basis.
You can add funds to your account on the Add to Account page or over the phone.
Psychic advisors on PsychicCenter set their own per-minute rates, which are displayed on our website and mentioned when you call. You will pay the per-minute rate of the advisor you have chosen. At the end of your reading, we will debit your account with the dollar amount equal to the number of minutes your reading lasted multiplied by the advisor's per-minute rate.
Example: The psychic advisor posted a $4.00 per-minute rate and your reading last 10 minutes. $40 will be deducted from your account balance. Any remaining credit can be used for future readings.
Our popular AstroRewards program was designed to reward our loyal customers and help you save. At the end of each calendar month, customers who have spent more than $50 during the given month will receive a 10% credit based on their total spending during the month. AstroRewards will be available for use in the following calendar month.
Example: If you spend $75 during the month of September, we will add $7.50 as AstroRewards credit into your account. You will be able to use this credit between the first and last day of October.
Customer Support can refund any balance over $1 back to the payment source. To request a refund, contact our Customer Support team and select "Payments & Refunds" as your subject.
Promotional credits and free minutes from special offers and advisors can be seen in your account under "Free Minutes" at the top of the My Account page. You can see more details about the specific promotions you are eligible for on the Special Offers page.
You can search for advisors by price on any category listings page on Simply look for the filter section located on the left hand side of the page, just above the advisor listings, and select the price range that works best for you.
If you would like further guidance, please call Customer Support at 1-866-692-7872 and our team will be happy to assist and find you a perfect advisor!
Our goal is to provide you someone to turn to when you need it most. We want every conversation with an advisor to be insightful. If it isn't, we're committed to make it right for you.
If at any time during the first 5 (five) or fewer minutes of your consultation you feel that you're having a less than satisfactory experience, whether due to technical issues or otherwise, we will credit a maximum of 5 (five) minutes back into your account at the per-minute rate charged for the call.
Please note, calls made from a cell phone frequently cause disconnection issues for many reasons:
  • Not enough minutes in your plan
  • Losing signal while driving or walking
  • Bad reception area
  • Low battery
  • Accidentally pushing a key during the consultation
Calls that are disconnected at the user's end will not be reimbursed.
Note: PsychicCenter reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to approve, deny or issue a partial credit for any request.
*Satisfaction Guarantee credits are issued in PsychicCenter dollars, which may be used on future conversations. You're permitted to be reimbursed for three unsatisfactory experiences in your lifetime. Only conversations that occur within the past 72 hours are eligible for reimbursement.
To apply to become a Psychic Center advisor, simply visit Become an Advisor and begin your application.
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PsychicCenter is the premier community with a trusted network of the highest quality, third-party vetted psychics guides. As an industry leader since 1999, PsychicCenter offers psychic readings for its exclusive community of deeply self-aware customers. For those of us committed to the lifelong journey to inner peace, PsychicCenter serves itself as the premier conduit through which you can achieve personal confidence, contentment, and tranquility.
PsychicCenter customers have access to an exclusive online community of intuitive psychic guides, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Seeking answers and inner peace? Let us connect you with a gifted psychic guide to help you understand your life path and illuminate your journey.

If you have issues or questions with regards to your account please contact our Customer Support team or call the support line at 1-866-MY-ASTRO (1-866-692-7876). When calling Customer Support, please have your account details, including your four digit PIN, handy. You can find your PIN on the Personal Information page.

The contact details above are for account support only, and are not for use in seeking advice services. If you wish to contact an advisor, please go to the home page and browse the categories there.