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I provide compassionate readings. I provide clarity,and a path forward for any situation.
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I am a recently awakened intuitive,empath,medium. I discovered my gifts 6 months ago.I was being bothered by an evil spirit that would tell me what to do.If I didn't do something a certain way like wash my hands 3 times,I'd have bad luck. Fortunately my friend performed a shamanic excorcism on me and a new journey began for me. I began to be able to hear from my spirit guides. They are kind,loving,and,supportive.They guide me in all areas of life.They have also introduced me to my guardian angel and other archangels. As a medium since alot of the aspects of empathic mediumship are still new,they will let me know when a spirit wants to communicate,so I dont get caught off guard. So far I understand my abilities to be as follows: mediumship through automatic writing,clairvoyance,and clairaudience,intuitive, and empath meaning I can feel the pain and emotions of the living and dead.My most recent discovery through meditation is that my guardian angel Raphael will tell me to use visualization to heal others emotionally. A woman who had lost her father . As she was telling her story Raphael told me to place green light around her. Afterwards she said she felt better and saw a green light around her.
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My experience at this point is with my friends and doing readings for myself.

My friends would describe my reading style as accurate and to the point
My guides and I do not waste any time getting to the bottom of the situation.

When I am conducting a reading for you, I will be able to craft the answers I am getting into a message that can help you reach your best potential.

For example when reading for my friend my guides and I described her past with relationships which was disappointment and abandonment ,her present which was self doubt, and the future which was that someone would come along and be loyal to her.

The solution we provided for her present state was to engage in more self- love,and to have more confidence.

This is an example of what comes through for me during tarot readings.
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