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Batty Jackson
Skeleton Tarot -- Psychic Readings by Batty
Born into a family of psychics and mediums, Batty Jackson has lived within the midst of mysticism since birth. Now a skilled tarot reader and astrologer of eight years, Batty is skilled in most areas of divination.
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Advisor Interview
I was born to a family full of mystics. My grandmother was a renowned tarot reader, astrologer, and numerologist. I grew up, in my formative years, within a tight knit, witchy family who emphasized ghost stories, psychic abilities, and supernatural powers. I had always known I was psychic, or at least as long as I can stretch my mind to remember. Even from a young age I was fascinated with ghost stories and my grandmother's cards. Furthermore, I was always seeing lights, and ghosts, and hearing voices.

Eventually, I was moved from Michigan to Tennessee, where I spent my middle school and teenage years as an outcast. I was a witch living in the bible belt. I was isolated and turned to tarot and the spirit world for support.

Throughout the challenges in my early life I discovered how much I needed tarot and spiritualism to survive. I read everything I could.

Now, I could not see myself doing anything else. This is what my purpose is. This is what I am here to do.

I want to make a difference in the lives of my clients, in the same way that tarot and the spirit world made a difference for me. I wish to guide them, protect them, and encourage them on their spiritual journey. I want to help them learn and grow alongside the challenges in their daily lives, and show them what all of the pain and heart ache truly means--and the blessings too.
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