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Brennan The Founder
Brennan The Founder
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Multidimensional reader with help from the divine
Hi! Thanks for your interest :) By getting a reading with me, you are accessing a wealth of metaphysical knowledge and connection to the divine. With my guides, I can help you overcome obstacles and come into your power.
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About Me
I'm an intuitive creative type who has always been quite spiritual but with a innovative twist. My work experience ranges from hard labor, corporate leadership and entrepreneurship to graphic and web design, acting, and cartomancy/divination (mostly card readings). I am certified as a tarot master, past life regressionist, and life purpose coach. In my personal life I am married with 3 fur babies (2 cats 1 dog) and we live in Charlotte, NC.

I've been through it all. Relationship issues, mental health issues, physical health issues, spiritual and existential issues, career issues, addiction, suicidal ideation, job loss, and much more. Pair this with a wife who is a licensed therapist and this enables me to be a very capable and empathetic service provider. My goal is to be the best husband, father, family member, friend, and steward of the light as I possibly can by using the power of unconditional love.

I have only a years worth of professional experience helping others but I have been naturally doing this my whole life. People always come to me for advice and they seem to be happy with it. I like to blend the worlds of the mind and the heart and know the true power of both in synergy. I have helped people with many things through card readings, past life regression, higher self meditations, limiting beliefs removal, life purpose guidance, inner child work, and many other methods. I plan to continuously learn and grow my skill set in both mental health and metaphysical fields.
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As a client of mine, you will benefit from empowering, inspirational, and fun guidance. I try to make my sessions as direct and personal as possible while still having a bit of humor and lightheartedness. My methodology all depends on the case and is uniquely personal for each person's goals and path as suggested by my guides. My most common techniques include card readings, astrology, numerology, past life regression, and life purpose guidance. For readings I use tarot, oracle, and lenormand decks as well as other tools such as crystals, astrology, or numerology all depending on what my guides direct me towards. To begin, I will connect to your higher self and your guides and have them convene with mine in order to guide you in respect to your highest good. I offer space for your questions throughout sessions and can help you with a large range of topics with exception of medical advice or tarot spying (reading for another person without their consent). Thanks for your time and I look forward to working with you!
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