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Chloe McAlister
Chloe McAlister
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Are you at a Crossroads in your life. Let me point you in the right direction. Often it only takes a nudge to be successful in Love and Business and with Spirits help we will get that nudge.
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I was introduced to another realm of communication with the divine after my grandson survived being hit by a car. He began to see angels and in studying this phenomenon I was introduced to a spiritual realm.. I have assisted in locating lost pets with Remote Viewing .I have assisted others with noticing signs they have missed and making critical decisions. I completed courses with Colette Baron Reid and Courtney Brown and an avid follower of the works of Edgar Cayce.
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Being a nurse for 23 years I have seen the worst and best and the unexplained or simply misunderstood so therefore I do not sugar coat my readings, nor do I tell what I think you want to hear instead of what Spirit wants you to know because my purpose is to simply translate messages so I am detailed and to the point with Compassion and Sensitivity and Without Judgement. . My mission is to direct you to peace and success.
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