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Circe the Seer
Circe the Seer
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Tarot, Clairvoyant, Empath, Psychic
I can be your oracle for your relationships, finances, work, lost items and how to improve your romantic life. I dedicate myself to honest, strong, readings that can guide you into the next great area of your life.
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About Me
I began working on psychic hotlines 25 years ago and this started my journey into professional Tarot reading. Every life has infinite choices. I love guiding others to help them make choices for the next season of their lives. There is power in each of us to reach our goals, I am full of joy when we work together to unlock your power. Tarot is my craft, it is how I focus my gifts.
My readings are spontaneous, focused, fun and most of all informative. I want to serve you and make sure your experience with me is luxury. I feel truly blessed to do this work. It is my passion, my superpower and my confidence all rolled into one. I am honored to be chosen to walk this walk with you. I look forward to connecting with you and getting started on this journey and assisting you in any way I can. The moon and stars wait for us.
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Clairaudient Clairsentient Clairvoyant Empath Tarot
Advisor Interview
I am very direct but I love all humans so you will sense my excitement from the beginning. I will tell you all I know and not hold back a thing. It’s a fun time but gentle when called for. I love to nail the details and hear the excitement in your voice as the picture I paint with the Tarot cards comes to life for you. My goal is to become a friend you can trust with your psychic needs.
About Circe the Seer & Tarot Advisors
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