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cards, messages from spirit, and dowse.
I've advised callers on business and job decisions, as well as matters of the heart, using clairvoyance to provide support and clarity in difficult times, including connecting with loved ones.
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About Me
I became a psychic when lost and confused myself and I began to see people telling me things who weren't there. I went to three psychics in this period, in my early thirties, each of whom told me I was going to become a psychic too. One told me to go live in a cabin in the woods and I asked east coast or west! She said it didn't matter. When I lived alone in a cabin in the winter time, I started meditating upon the fire. My deceased grandfather came to me and told me to write a novel which I did, about his life, which another psychic then told me I was channeling. I studied with spiritualists to understand what I was channeling better, and took their classes in psychic development. Soon I learned tarot to make decisions in my own life, as it wasn't always convenient to go to psychics. People saw me doing readings for myself and asked me to read for them, and that's how I became a psychic! I started reading in cafes, and then having booths at festivals, fairs and expos. My initiation into reiki levels 1,2 and 3 intensified my ability to tune in, hear and see, all abilities I use for clients.
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Sunday: 06:00 AM - 07:00 PM
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Advisor Interview
Callers can expect a warm, compassionate, non-judgemental listener ready to offer remedies and suggest methods of empowering spiritual attunement. I usually listen, then shuffle a deck until you tell me to stop, and then ask which pile you want me to read. On my side, I draw cards, and talk, describing what I see in the images, narrating the general flow of the story. Then I ask how this reading fits with your life. You may ask yes or no questions, which I answer with the pendulum. I may ask the birthdays of people involved, and the ages, to get a sense of astrological factors. I may keep drawing cards in that deck, or consult a different deck, as many as five, for further interpretations. If so moved, I might add a past life or spirit guide dimension, indicating that something might be cleared up by working with spirit or past life regression. I may create for you your own special journey, a journey in creative meditative visualization, in which we enter the depths of your internal psyche to contact the divine. I might make certain suggestions, such as that you purchase or work with certain candles or crystals, or take certain classes, or do affirmations we create, or find a specific kind of teacher, or journal.
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