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10 minutes for $5.00
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Spirit's messages you need to know now!
Accurate and concise Tarot readings! Try my quick three question reading for important messages that Spirit wants you to know right now. I will answer three questions then clarify for a longer reading if desired.
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About Me
Hello and welcome! I am an intuitive and empathic Tarot Reader with many years of experience helping people to receive the life changing messages that Spirit needs them to hear.
I connect with you on a deep level as you are sharing your questions with me, so that I can intuitively read into the cards, and give you deep insight into the answers and advice Spirit has for you.
The more information I have about your query, the more accurate my readings will be for you.

I am an incredibly positive person and I love to share that energy with you through your readings.
I have always loved Tarot since I was a little girl, and enjoy the life long study of it.
My grandmother was a Basque gypsy and had intuitive gifts that she used with Tarot as well. I thank her for passing down her knowledge to me, such a sacred gift.

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Advisor Interview
I am available by phone and chat, to share what Spirit wants you to know, and offer quick readings or more in depth readings depending on your needs. You can choose a specific reading of mine, or I can just read for questions you have in an open reading.

Readings I offer are:
Three Questions Reading - a quick three card reading to answer three questions - with clarifiers for a longer reading if desired.
Angel Answers Reading - a quick three card reading to answer one question, or more cards for more questions, your choice.
Animal Spirit Reading - a quick three card reading to see what animal guides are surrounding you, and their messages for you.
I Ching Reading - a one card reading packed with very specific messages of wisdom from the book of I Ching from ancient China.
Life Path Reading - a six card reading of Past, Present, Future and clarifiers showing the next steps to take to reach your goal.
Money Reading - a six card reading with your current and future money energies, and advice moving forward, with clarifiers.
Two Pillars Reading - a seven card reading determining compatibility and future energy between you and another. This can be for love, friendship, work or business.
Love Reading - an eight card reading for a deep look at your love interest and their energies, how they feel about you,
and your future together. This is a great reading for a new love, or an existing relationship.
The Celtic Cross - a longer and comprehensive ten card reading, regarding a specific question or issue, with clarifiers if desired. This covers your Past, Present and Future energies, challenges and advice for your current situation, and the potential outcome.

Please know that you can tell me anything, as I am non judgmental and supportive of you and your chosen life path.
The more you tell me, the more I can accurately read for you.
I am a kind and compassionate soul and understand the balance of relationships in love, work and friendship.
I know the difficulties that we all can have in these areas, and love to help bring Spirit's messages to you in a clear way.
I strive for positivity in my readings, but will always tell it like it is regarding what I see and pick up on during a reading.
Spirit's messages are always for the best of all concerned.
Whether you have questions or are just looking for general guidance, my readings will help you.
I am here for you in sacred service.

I am so thankful for all my clients that support my spiritual work here, I am wishing you great abundance, joy and happiness, and I hope to make a lasting connection with you as one of your favorite readers!
Thank you so much and have a blessed day!
About Crystalyn & Tarot Advisors
Crystalyn has been a PsychicCenter guide since 2023. By receiving intuitive guidance in the Tarot Readers category, Crystalyn has helped clients find peace and tranquility within PsychicCenter's completely secure and confidential platform.
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